Top tips for website conversion rate optimisation



In simple terms, the goal of Conversion Rate Optimisation is to generate more sales from website visitors. Your goal with CRO is not to get more traffic but to convert the current traffic into more paid customers.

There is no point randomly making changes to your website to improve your Conversion Rates. You need to take a logical and methodical approach.

First, you should define your website objectives or key performance indicators. For an eCommerce business, this may be pushing the sale of specific products which are dependent on seasons. For a business which sells services, this may be the number of new customers who sign up based on an incentive.

Top tips for website conversion rate optimisation

Using tools like Google Analytics can help to analyse our strategy and make improvements using A/B testing.

Conversion Rate Optimisation is an ongoing task and should be part of your overall marketing strategy. Once you have a good plan of action for a particular product or service, you can use elements of the same plan for other products or services, taking note that "one shoe does not fit all".

Speed is one key factor for better conversion rates. If you have ever been to a fast-food restaurant you know that the food is delivered super quick. There is not a chef meticulously creating your food, it is a simplified process which speeds up the delivery of your food.

Using this same logic you should aim to make the customers journey to purchase or enquire about your products or services as simple as possible. Amazon is the king of making your life easy with it comes to shopping online. Find a product, add to basket, log in, three clicks and the next day the product is at your doorstep.

Try to simplify your website landing pages for lead generation and product sales, declutter your pages to make it is a quicker process for website visitors to order your service or product.

A good web developer and designer will find a way to balance SEO with good page design. Content will always be king so do not go and delete that precious text content which is helping to rank your page in the search engines, simply re-build the page so text to organised into clear and distinct sections. Using scrolling box interfaces for long-form text.

Make your products images pop. Spend the time to Photoshop images and make them simply look amazing. Be consistent with images, they should all look good not just random product images on your website, yes it takes time but the effort will pay back by generating more sales! Make the product images larger so visitors can see clearly what the product looks like and add a zoom function to allow visitors to zoom into images.

The above are just a few tips to improve your Conversion Rates.

At DCP we have built many lead generation websites for our clients and using a logic approach, we test different types of content to increase conversion rates.

Take a look at the infographic below created by  Salesforce for more useful tips.

(Click infographic to enlarge)

Top tips for website conversion rate optimisation

Article created by: DCP Web Designs London

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