WordPress Website Design

Keep visitors up to date with your latest news content and articles. Drive new customers to your website with a professional WordPress solution.



WordPress Website Design

Keep customers coming back for more


WordPress Blog Website Design

Promote your latest business news and informative articles using a professional custom-designed WordPress website. Enhance your website with a range of popular WordPress plugins.

  • Take control of your website
  • Custom designed blog
  • WordPress CMS
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Social media bookmarking tool
  • Newsletter subscription tool
  • Long term technical support
  • Long term website growth plan
  • SEO marketing strategies
  • Secure & reliable hosting
  • Reliable business emails


Trusted Wordpress blog web designers
Trusted Wordpress
web designers
Fully GDPR compliant
Fully GDPR
Google SEO specialist
Google SEO
Rated 5/5 stars on Google reviews
Rated 5/5 stars on
Google reviews





Feature Packed WordPress Website


Did you know there are over 50,000 WordPress plugins that can be used to enhance your website? Unfortunately, some of these plugins are not so good and some are simply amazing. At DCP we have tested the best and only recommend WordPress plugins that are properly maintained. Simply use a range of plugins to make your website stand out from your competitors.


  • Mobile Optimised

    Mobile Optimised

    A mobile optimised website will rank higher in search engines and improve user experience.

  • Fast Loading

    Fast Loading

    Use WP Rocket to supercharge the loading speed of your website and improve your user retention.

  • Structured Content

    Structured Content

    Use YOAST SEO to add structured data to your website content and improve SEO Rankings.

  • Clear Call to Actions

    Clear Call to Actions

    Drive your customers to conversion pages and generate more potential customer leads.

  • Newsletter Integration

    Newsletter Integration

    Integrate into newsletter systems like Mail Chimp and keep your customers up to date.

  • SSL Certificate

    SSL Certificate

    Improve security on your website with a correctly implemented SSL certificate.

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics

    Get detailed reports about the traffic going to your website and access free real-time reporting.

  • Create Categories

    Create Categories

    Organise content into relevant categories allowing visitors to navigate your blog effectively.

  • Incorporate Images

    Incorporate Images

    Get access to over 1 million free stock images and add some visual flair to your WordPress pages.

  • Incorporate Videos

    Incorporate Videos

    Improve customer engagement by embedding YouTube videos directly into your website pages.

  • Scheduled Posting

    Scheduled Posting

    Create scheduled posts and drip feed content into your website.

  • Selected Secure Plugins

    Selected Secure Plugins

    At DCP we will help you handpick the best and secure plugins to enhance your WordPress website.





Website Design Showcase Projects

Below are just a few examples of WordPress web projects we have recently completed












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Do you need a custom-built WordPress website for your business? At DCP we have over 15 years of website design knowledge and experience. We can fully custom design WordPress websites, unlike other web development companies who simply buy templates and plugins.

WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms. WordPress can be enhanced by installing plugins to add additional functionality. WordPress can be a complex web application to understand, but don’t worry, at DCP we provide you with full video training so you can manage your website and make updates whenever required.

Claim your 2 hours of free website design consultancy by simply completing the contact form below.

WordPress Web Designers

WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms for creating business websites. WordPress is highly customisable and can be used for almost any type of business website.

We have many years of experience in building custom WordPress website solutions for a diverse range of business clients. Our goal is to create a website solution that is easy for you to maintain.

We also want to help you understand how you can improve your website search engine rankings. We want you to be successful in your business venture.

We understand that your website is one of the most important marketing tools for your business, so we invest our time in helping you get the best results from your business website and internet marketing strategies.

WordPress can be modified by installing a range of plugins. There are many plugins that can be installed to enhance your website. Some WordPress plugins require payment, and some are free but at DCP we only choose reliable plugins which are widely used and supported. At DCP we can also custom build WordPress plugins, so simply tell us what you need, and we will build it.

WordPress requires maintenance and at DCP we take care of this for you. We will monitor your website and make any necessary upgrades to the main WordPress installation and any updates required for plugins. It is essential that WordPress updates are completed to maintain the best security on your website.

We will install an SSL Certificate that will enhance your website security and improve your search engine rankings. An SSL certificate is essential if you are planning on capturing leads using a form or selling products using the WooCommerce Plugin.

As mentioned above we want to give you as much control over your website as possible. We want to empower you with knowledge so you can improve your business presence on the internet. The most effective way to do this is to write lots of useful and informative content. We will set up a blog so you can start writing amazing articles. We will even show you how to optimise your articles to rank better in popular search engines.

Simply contact DCP WordPress Web Designers if you need an awesome Website Design solution for your business.

WordPress Plugins

There are many types of WordPress Plugins that can be installed. Plugins are used to extend the functionality or add new features to your website.

There are thousands of free WordPress plugins available to download from the official WordPress plugin directory. Some of the most popular plugins require payment but these plugins tend to have better support and more frequent security updates.

Listed below are some of the most popular plugins we have used on our own internal and client projects:

Contact Form 7 – WordPress Plugin

If you need a plugin that will allow you to create and manage multiple contact forms on your website and integrate them seamlessly into reCapture verification, then Contact Form 7 is the perfect plugin for these requirements.

Recapture simply stops bots and website visitors from submitting SPAM messages into your website forms.

The goal of this plugin is to help you quickly create and publish contact forms on your website. The best thing about Contact Form 7 plugin is it is FREE! Building contact forms using this plugin does require some HTML knowledge so leave it to us to create user-friendly contact forms on your website.

Yoast SEO - WordPress Plugin

If you are planning on-page search engine optimisation, then Yoast SEO is the perfect plugin for this task. We will help you to first complete your keyword research, then we will show you how to use Yoast SEO and guide you step by step through the process of optimising your web page content.

Yoast SEO will help you to check your keyword density, optimise your title tags, and optimise your header tags, image alt tags and metadata.

Akismet Anti-Spam – WordPress Plugin

There is nothing more frustrating than getting SPAM comments on your blog posts. Having to review each comment and check if it is SPAM can be like a full-time job if your blog becomes popular.

Akismet Anti-Spam is here to save the day! Akismet Anti-Spam is the only plugin you will need to keep those naughty spammers at bay.

Akismet will review and filter every comment that is submitted on your website blog. You can check to see if you would like to publish the comment or delete once reviewed.

WooCommerce Plugin – WordPress Plugin

Do you want to add a fully functional shop to your WordPress website? Well, that is exactly what WooCommerce does. WooCommerce is one of the most popular shopping solution plugins for WordPress. I say plugin but in fact, it is much more than that.

WooCommerce is a highly featured eCommerce application and with the right knowledge, WooCommerce can be modified to create an amazing eCommerce website.

Like WordPress, WooCommerce also supports extensions that can be used to add additional functionality to your website store. You can use WooCommerce to sell physical, digital and affiliate-based products to a local or global customer base.

WooCommerce Sensei – WordPress Extension

At DCP we believe it is important to share knowledge, just look at our eLearning YouTube channel and find over 500 video tutorials that have been viewed more than 4,000,000 times.

Now imagine if you could create an educational platform and start selling more advanced training courses. Well, this is not a problem if you choose to use the WooCommerce Sensei extension.

Sensei extension allows you to create an educational platform and start selling courses that contain video content, images, written content, quizzes and much more.

WordFence – WordPress Security Plugin

Protecting your WordPress website can be tricky if you are not a web development expert. Not to worry, simply install WordFence and security will be sorted! WordFence will check WordPress core files for integrity and repair files if required. WordFence also contains a powerful scanner to check for Malware, viruses and backdoors. WordFence software firewall will allow you to block fake crawlers, whitelist and blacklist IP addresses. WordFence will also protect your WordPress website from brute force hacking, and send you email alerts of warnings and critical issues.

WordFence can be installed for free or use the paid version for more advanced features.

Google XML Sitemaps - WordPress Plugin

An XML sitemap is a great way to give search engines a list of pages located on your website. Creating a sitemap manually would take ages so simply install the Google XML Sitemaps plugin and sit back while it creates the sitemap for you :) Even better, sitemaps will be automatically updated when you add more pages to your website.

The above are just a handful of useful WordPress plugins. The WordPress Plugin Directory contains over 50,000+ plugins. At DCP we advise you only install plugins that are maintained and updated regularly, this will ensure your website will run stable and be less vulnerable to hackers.

WordPress Website Design | WordPress Agency London

Are you looking for a WordPress Web Design solution for your business?

Do you need web developers who understand how to fully customise a WordPress website, so you get exactly what you require?

If this answer is yes to the previous two questions, then you have found the solution you are looking for.

At DCP we have extensive knowledge of WordPress. We understand how to custom-build WordPress websites. Our goal is to deliver a website solution:

  • That gives you full control
  • Help you to understand what the best plugins are to enhance your website.
  • Teach you the best white hat techniques for search engine optimisation.
  • Shows you the best WordPress tip and tricks to enhance your website.

At DCP we don’t simply build a website and then say good luck and goodbye. We understand that most clients are not tech-savvy and need support to help their online presence grow.

We will work with you to set out a short-term and long-term action plan. The end goal is to get sustainable traffic to your website and convert traffic into qualified leads or product sales.

For more information about our WordPress solutions, simply contact us for a free consultation today.

WordPress Web Designers | WordPress Web Design

At DCP we understand that you need to focus on your daily revenue-generating business activities. We understand that creating an effective WordPress Website Design solution is not a simple task and requires years of knowledge and experience in graphic design, website development, SEO, social media, offline marketing and online internet marketing. That is a lot of skill sets to master!

At DCP we help you to improve your business website presence. Our goal is to help you find more qualified customers by building awesome WordPress websites and implementing suitable and affordable internet marketing strategies.

Our team at DCP consists of talented individuals who specialise in different aspects of web development, graphic design and internet marketing. Combining our knowledge gives your business powerful and affordable website development and internet marketing team.

We understand that you will be busy running your business, so we also offer a range of services that are aimed at creating rich media content and written content for your website. Content created is optimised for search engines. Our goal is to rank your website higher in search engines for a set of agreed keyword phrases.

If you need a professional and reliable WordPress web designer, simply contact DCP today for a free web development quote.