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At DCP we provide ethical search engine optimisation solutions. We understand that getting to page 1 of Google can be a daunting task. We have years of experience and knowledge to help you achieve your search engine ranking goals.

Our SEO services focus on 8 key areas:

  • Website audit
  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword content optimisation
  • Optimised content writing
  • Linking building
  • Social signals
  • SEO reporting


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SEO Key Features


Listed below are some of the key concepts used for search engine optimisation. At DCP we only use white hat SEO techniques to give your website an SEO ranking boost.


  • Website Audit Website Audit

    If you have an existing website, we will perform an audit, check for any SEO issues and suggest improvements.

  • Technical SEO Technical SEO

    We will review your website to make sure Google and other search engines can crawl and index your website.

  • Keyword Research Keyword Research

    We will research what are the best keywords for generating qualified traffic for the products or services you provide.

  • Keyword Optimisation Keyword Optimisation

    We will review your website content and optimise for selected keywords to improve search engine rankings.

  • Content Writing Content Writing

    We will help you to create content that is keyword rich and enticing for customers to improve your conversion rates.

  • Linking Building Linking Building

    We will help you to generate more authority backlinks to your website to improve your ranking position on Google.

  • Social Signals Social Signals

    We will help you to understand how social media content can be used to improve your search engine visibility.

  • SEO Reporting SEO Reporting

    Each month we will produce a search engine ranking report to track the progress of your website Google rankings.





Search Engine Optimisation Examples

Just a few examples of Google Page 1 ranking we have achieved for our clients.


Project Name Keyword Current Ranking
Jedi Robe Star Wars Costumes UK Page 1  Position 6
Haweli Indian Restaurant Hammersmith Page 1  Position 7
Azou North African Restaurant London Page 1  Position 4
DCP Web Designers London Web Designers Page 1  Position 3
Elite Aesthetics Vampire Facial Page 1  Position 4
Window Shading Systems Commercial Shading Services Page 1  Position 2
Breakdown Ltd Car Breakdown Emergency London Page 1  Position 2










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At DCP we understand that most businesses want to rank high in search engines to attract more customers. We also understand that SEO can be very competitive. At DCP we have helped our clients rank high in search engines for competitive keywords, niche keywords, local keywords and long-tail keyword phrases. We create content that helps a website rank high in popular search engines, engages with customers and improves conversions.

We will help you to research keyword phrases, check your current rankings, research your competitors, create SEO-optimised written content, create amazing visual artwork, create engaging video content, set out a monthly action plan strategy for on-site and off-site optimisation, and provide you with monthly progress reports.

Complete the enquiry form above for 2 hours of free SEO consultancy!

SEO London Agency

DCP is an SEO London Agency with over 15 years of experience.

As you probably know there are many SEO Agencies providing search engine optimisation services, most of these agencies will be using good and trusted techniques, but unfortunately, some will use what is known as Black Hat techniques.

Black Hat techniques may give you some temporary results in search engines, but in the long-term search engine algorithms will see you are not following standard White Hat SEO guidelines and you will find your rankings will drop quickly.

At DCP we have helped many businesses to achieve high rankings in search engines using only “White Hat” SEO techniques.

We understand that the goal of SEO should be long-term, sustainable and affordable.

Google the most popular search engine on the planet makes changes to its search engine algorithms frequently which in the past has affected many websites which had good rankings but very bad SEO strategies.

Save yourself the headache and make sure any SEO London Agency providing services for your business is using only the best white hat SEO methodologies.

Take a look at this Google Page for an SEO starter guide

At DCP we know there is no quick fix to rank a website high in the search engines, it simply takes time, knowledge and effort to achieve a good search engine keyword phrase ranking. SEO should be a long-term strategy and form a part of your overall marketing plan.

SEO Keyword Phrase Research

Keyword Research is the first and most important factor of a good SEO strategy. The goal is to pick a mixture of competitive keyword phrases, local keyword phrases, niche keyword phrases and long-tail keyword phrases. Using a mixture of keyword phrase types will allow a short-term, mid-term and long-term strategy for SEO.

Probably stating the obvious that competitive keywords are the most difficult to rank high for in search engine results, but you should not underestimate the power of ranking for niche, local and long-tail keywords.

At DCP we will research and advise you on the best keywords for improving your website search engine visibility.

Website SEO

We will look at the structure and coding of your website to ensure it has been built with SEO in mind. SEO strategies are changing constantly so your website must be optimised for current trends.

We will use our years of experience and provide you with a detailed report on your current website in terms of site structure, coding and use of key SEO indicators. Our SEO team will also provide you with a list of suggested improvements if required.

Your website must be coded and optimised correctly for search engines before starting any long-term SEO strategy.

Before making any SEO fixes to your website we will:

  • Send you a list of recommendations and explain how fixes can help your search engine ranking positions.
  • Make a full backup of the current website.
  • Implement agreed-on fixes.
  • Test to ensure all updates are done correctly.
  • Set up any necessary 301 URL redirects.

Website optimisation is a bespoke service that is specifically tailored for each client. If you are planning on building a new website, then you must implement a good website SEO optimisation strategy from day one. For existing websites, we help to plan a course of action to correct any errors which are affecting your SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions).

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO can start once we have agreed on the best set of keyword phrases, completed a full technical SEO website audit and implement any fixes required.

At DCP we will assist in restructuring and improving your website content. The main goal of onsite search engine optimisation is to ensure your website pages are optimised for the chosen keyword phrases.

At DCP we make sure your website is using keywords appropriately. We will also create new content if required to ensure all keywords are being utilised on your website.

We will make sure prominent keywords are used correctly on page titles, subtitles, meta keywords, meta descriptions, image alt tags and page URLs.

Some SEO companies will simply stop at this point but at DCP we understand that “content will always be king”. We will create a monthly action plan to make sure you are generating rich and useful content on your website.

New content will help with search engine rankings and more importantly get more visitors to your website. For example, at DCP we create a minimum of 20 YouTube videos per month and 3 blog posts per week. Creating media-based content is a great way to keep visitors to your website.

Video content is more engaging and improves your stats for how long a user spends on your website. Search Engines like to see visitors spending time on a website rather than visiting a page and leaving the site quickly.

We implement Google Analytics which allows us both to view the current traffic to your website, traffic sources, amount of time visitors are spending on your website, where the website visitors are located geographically, visitor bounce rates, real-time stats and much more.

Google Analytics provides you with a treasure trove of information about your website’s performance.

We will also set up a Google Search Console which is a powerful tool. Search Console allows us to measure your website’s search traffic and performance.

Search Console will also allow DCP to research website-related errors and take appropriate action to fix issues.

The above is a summary of the tasks required to provide professional onsite search engine optimisation. Simply contact DCP for a free consultation today and get an overview of how we can improve your search engine rankings.

Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO is a long-term goal and requires ongoing effort to achieve results. Major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo use backlinks to your website as one of the important indicators of good content. Backlinks are simply external websites or social media posts that link back to your website content.

At DCP we understand that getting backlinks is not an easy task; it takes time and effort to generate interest in your content.

Our first goal is to help you create amazing content which can be placed on your blog and website pages. If you have awesome, useful and visually appealing content then you can expect some visitors to share your content. Sharing content generates backlinks for FREE!

There are hundreds if not thousands of websites that are like your business on the internet. Most of these businesses will also want backlinks to their websites to improve Search Engine Rankings.

So, it would make sense to do an outreach campaign and contact the site owners to find out if you can provide a guest blog post.

There is no point in offering generic standard blog content, you must make your content unique, helpful and informative. At DCP we can help find potential business websites for guest post sharing, we can also create amazing blog posts combining informative written content, infographics, video content and much more.

Hopefully, you have already set up your social media accounts for your business such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn to mention just a few.

Social Media is also an important ranking factor. Showing the search engines that you have content that engages with users can help boost your search engine rankings.

YouTube which is owned by Google is the second biggest search engine on the planet. Video content is easy for people to view and can quickly grab the attention of potential customers.

Creating the right type of video content can help you rank higher in search engines if done correctly. For example, at DCP we post a minimum of 4 videos on YouTube a week.

We mainly focus on video-based tutorials. We post videos on a range of subjects to keep our channel engaging and target a wider audience. On average we generate 300,000 views on YouTube per month. The goal is to establish a presence on YouTube and then push traffic to your website and capture any potential sales leads.

The above is just a few of the techniques used for Offsite SEO, for more information simply contact Pankaj (Senior Project Manager) for a free SEO consultation.

SEO Agency London | Internet Marketing Agency

Are you looking for a London-based Internet Marketing Agency that can provide you with a range of marketing strategies and Search Engine Optimisation services?

Well, look no further!

DCP SEO Agency London-based team have years of experience helping our clients rank high in search engines for niche and competitive keywords.

We don’t just hope for the best, we spend the time and effort to analyse your current website design, make detailed notes of SEO fixes and implement if required. We then plan an SEO strategy which will get you results. SEO should be a long-term goal and form a part of your overall business internet marketing strategies.

Why not take advantage of our free SEO consultation and get a plan of action for your business internet marketing today?

London SEO Agency | Search Engine Optimisation

DCP SEO London Agency with over 15 years of internet marketing experience and knowledge.

If you want to rank your website high in popular search engines, then you need an SEO plan. Our goal at DCP is to help you find new customers using the best white hat SEO techniques.

There is no quick fix for ranking high in search engines, it takes time and effort to create high-quality written articles, engaging visuals and multimedia content. Amazing content will help you get more exposure for your business and help you to gain quality backlinks to your website which will, in turn, improve your website search engine rankings.

Our SEO Company London team will assist you in creating awesome content so you can focus on your daily core business tasks.

At DCP we plan out an SEO strategy based on the keyword phrases which you want to rank high for in search engines. We will help you to research the best competitive keyword, local keywords and long-tail keywords. Using a mixture of keyword types will help to get your website ranking quicker in popular search engines.

We will plan out a monthly strategy for written content, social media content, image-based content, downloadable content and video content so you can get exposure on different platforms and keep your social media visitors engaged.

We will also plan an outreach campaign for blog guest posts to get quality backlinks which will also improve your search engine rankings.

We will encourage visitors to share your content via social media by implementing social media sharing tools. This will help to improve traffic to your business website and capture more potential sales leads.

If you need a professional London-based SEO Agency, then simply contact DCP today at 07838 678 770 or 0203 539 4415 for a free SEO consultation.