How to build a website that converts visitors into sales?



Creating a website that converts visitors into potential customers can be a tricky task. If you have a business website which is just focused on selling products or services then I would suggest creating some dedicated lead generation pages. Why you may ask?

Lead generation pages are very targeted to a specific product or service. The goal is to showcase a definite solution, you can add USPs (Unique Selling Points), customer testimonials, incentives, news items which are all related to a specific product or service.

For service-based lead generation, you will need to add an enquiry form. Keep the form super simple, your goal is to capture as many potential clients as possible. I would suggest using only the following fields:

  • Name
  • Telephone
  • Email

Yes I know that is not much information captured, but is it enough for you to make a call, or send an email right?

Get your web developer to integrate telephone and email validation tools. This will improve the quality of leads captured.

I use the following services for data validation:

For physical products, you will need to integrate an eCommerce solution. Use can use WooCommerce for creating an online store and then build custom landing pages for specific products.

If you are a small start-up business with a limited budget, then you can use PayPal buy now buttons which are super simple to create and will dave cost on development work. To help you check out my "How to create a PayPal Buy Now Button" tutorial.

How that you have a few landing pages created, you can start A/B testing. This may be simple as changing the colour of "Call to action" buttons or building a new page but with a different layout.


If you are planning on using a web developer to create your landing page, then I would suggest you first search your main competitors and see what they are doing to achieve good results. You can then use my tutorial on creating a website wireframe in Microsoft Word.

You can send your web developer to Wireframe word document to show how content will be placed on your landing page.

Also, remember to add Google Analytics so you can track statistics for website visitors and conversion rates.

For some more useful tip take a look at the infographic created by ParkerWhite below.

Click to enlarge infographic)

How to build a website that converts visitors into sales?

Blog post created by: DCP Web Design

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