The best web design trends 2017


Just like every other trend, the web design trends are fast evolving. What makes your website click is the layout, user interface and how greatly designed your website is. The bulk of the business lies in the online domain where most of the interactions and transactions happen. Let us take a look at what is best for your website.

Color: Bright is the new black. Pastel hues and shades are fizzling out soon. It would be interesting to visit a website alive with bright colors and creativity. If you have a website with mild and pastel colors, it would do a lot of good to recolor your website design to something more interesting.

The best web design trends 2017

Animation: Sprinkling in GIFs and short videos will boost up your website ranking. You could feature your best products and latest ones in a short repetitive video, animation or a GIF. Websites that have such animations tend to get ranked higher in the search engine. It will add aesthetic value to your web page.

Imagery: If you want brownie points where they matter, you should consider using your original images instead of hoarding your website with images from stock gallery. It will be more personalized and can go a long way in attracting more visitors for your website.

Page layout: All your social media – right from WhatsApp to Twitter to Facebook, all have layouts that the page needs to be scrolled down. Users have been conditioned that way. If your web page users could do the same when they visit your website, they will find it extremely easy to use, and you can be sure not to lose customers based on bad user experience.

Typography: Gone are the days of the typical fonts and styles. People have gotten used to it, gotten bored and moved on too. Avoid using the same kind of style and font. Get creative with new, big and bold styles to accentuate your web page or website.

User Interfaces: When scanning or going through a long list (services, products, etc.) the card based design is gaining popularity for its unique style and simplicity of use. It is highly recommended that you use a card based interface that can be implemented in your website.

Did you know?

  • Currently, there are 966 million websites live around the world today. All kinds of businesses want to advertise their products and brand image on a website owned by their company.  
  • The world’s first ever website was published on August 6th, 1991 by British physicist Tim Bemers-Lee
  • 44% of website traffic is by humans. The remaining 56% is from bots, impersonators, hackers, etc.
  • Mobile devices are responsible for 2 out of 3 minutes that are spent online.
  • The most popular CMS is WordPress, which powers 25.4% of all websites put together. It has 76.5 million blogs to its credit since 2004.
  • Given 15 minutes, two thirds of people would prefer to read a beautifully designed page, than a plain page.
  • Once on the company’s homepage, 52% people would first visit the “about us” section.
  • 39% of people close the page if they find the page unattractive.
  • 44% leave the page if they do not find the contact information soon enough or easily.
  • 39% viewers close the page or website if the loading speed is more than 2.8 seconds.
  • 47% website visitors check out the company’s product page or services page before looking at other things.

For more information, you can check out the infograph by the plugin group.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

The best web design trends 2017

Article created by: DCP London Web Designers


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