Top 50 design blogs for inspiring web designers and web developers


So you have a blog but you want to change it up, make it more you, make it fresh, whatever the case may be, but you are currently having a brain fart. So what do you do?  Do you sit on it and wait for the lightbulb to turn on and illuminate the way or do you go searching for inspiration? Searching for inspiration is always a good idea, because even with all your thinking, many times we never come up with the idea that someone else did. Below you’ll find some inspiration as to where to go to get some fresh ideas for your work.

For The Illustrators

If you illustrate these are the ones to look up for you. These are places to get ideas and also to get inspiration and help for a highly prominent program, Adobe.  When you are an illustrator sometimes you need ideas to get you started, even just one little idea can get your brain moving in the right direction. Check out Adobe Illustrator Blog for news and updates on the product. There is also Doodlers Anonymous for those who want to see raw images. Then there is Urban Sketchers with are illustrations that follow the urban theme.

For Designing Logos

Logos are hard. They are really personal to the person or company that they represent and they have to be unique. Sometimes that can be a challenge.  If you are in the market for creating logos check out a few of these blogs here. Brand New is a place to have your logo reviewed, which is perfect because then you can have others look at it and give their thoughts on it. Logo Design Love is a site (and they have a book) dedicated to logos and brand identities. Identity Designed and brandchannel: are for emerging trends and news related to branding. Ideal for those who want to stay up to date.

Web Design

All important for new companies, companies who want a refresh, and those who design websites. It’s important that site stay up to date with trends and look fresh and new. Knowing how to make web pages catch the clients eye and keep it fresh you need to have more ideas in your head than you thought possible. Here are some blogs to help you along. Smashing Magazine provides guides into the world of web design. A List Apart is for web designers specifically. Webdesigner Depot is the place to go for tutorials, tools and freebies (who doesn’t love free things).

Blog Design

Many people make money through their blogs. Having an expertly designed one can make or break a person. Elle and Company is one for anyone who does a graphics or lifestyle blog. Bloguettes is for educating the blog owners and they also have in person workshops as well. The Blog Stylist who cares how blogs look and can help professionally style yours. Design Your Own Blog, well the title speaks for itself.

There are so many avenues to get the creative juices flowing when yours has stopped. There are so many more places of inspiration out there than can even be listed. Check out the ones above to help get you going or take a look at the infographic below created by Creative Market for more useful tips!

(Click to enlarge infographic)

Top 50 design blogs for inspiring web designers and web developers


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