10 elements to improve your website design



Website design an be very subjective, but there are some common elements which can enhance a website and improve a users experience.

As you are probably aware written content is extremely important for not only conveying a message to website visitors but also for search engine optimisation.

Large blocks of text can be overwhelming for website visitors so it can be a good idea to break up text into sections, paragraphs and separate content using lines.

The colours used on a website can only be very subjective. As a business owner, you may be overly influenced by your design ideas. I would advise you go check out the top businesses in your industry to see what colour scheme is being used on their websites.

More than likely they have spent a lot of time and money to make those key colour design decisions so why not take that information for your advantage. I am not saying design a website which looks like your competitors but understand how colours are used to improve a user's experience.

Gone are the days of having a blocky website, modern designs utilise shapes to emphasise sections of a website design page.

Have you ever been to a website which is so packed full of information it is simply overwhelming? Adding "white space" between content allows your "web pages to breathe" and improve a user's experience.

Adding textures to the artwork on website pages can add that little extra creative flair which might be missing.

The fonts you use on a website should be consistent. It never looks good when you are moving between pages on a website which uses different fonts of pages and variations in sizes.

Increase the size of content to emphasis key information. This will draw the attention of visitors to what you want them to read or see.

You have probably been to a website where they offer a few different solutions for a specific product. You may also notice that the solution which they want you to choose is more dominant, this can be simply a case of making the content bigger and changing the colour scheme to emphasise the specific product.

Why not take a look at the infographic created by Creative Market below for some more design ideas?

(Click to enlarge infographic)

10 elements to improve your website design

Article created by: DCP Website Designers in London

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