Top 6 reasons why your business website needs search engine optimisation



Search Engine Optimisation, more commonly known as SEO is a critical part of digital marketing tactics. From the smallest companies to the corporations, all companies depend on SEO for online marketing and sales.

A research conducted by BrightEdge brought to light that organic search is a game-changer for web traffic and business development. It is never too late to start with SEO, the right time is now. Why not tap into SEO organic search and grow your company?

Top 6 reasons why your business website needs search engine optimisation



Most people rely on the internet to find products and services. Your company can grow visibly by just having an online presence. For your website to be found by more than 3 billion people who rely on the internet, you will have to use the correct SEO keywords to get found on top of the results page.

Tip: 75% of users will not go beyond page one of the search results.

Good whitehat SEO will decide how your website is ranked among other similar businesses. Showing an online presence on social media platforms can also help boost your website rankings.


Not only does online marketing boost sales, but other traditional and conventional methods are effective too such as print, radio and TV. 

However conventional methods may require you to make a larger investment without knowing the outcome. Hence, online digital platforms are often a better option.

Also, the results are measurable and tangible. You can monitor the results and take the necessary decisions to improve the traffic hitting your website.

To maximise SEO, considerable efforts have to be put into researching the best keywords and to know about your competitors and their websites. Based on these findings, you can create the right content for your targeted audience.

Google Analytical tools help to track and measure visitors and the time they have spent on your website. This can help you to understand what is working and more importantly what is not.


Getting lots of visitors to your website is great, but having a strategy in place to convert website visitors into customers is just as important.

Creating special offers or incentives for users to contact you is just one simple way to generate potential leads. Try to make digital-based content as an incentive for data capture, like download a case study PDF or fill out this form for a discount.

Once you find the right formula for your business then replicating is a simple task to get even more leads using effective SEO strategies.


SEO should be treated as a long term marketing strategy. Being consistent with your website optimisation and content writing is key to ranking your website high in search engine results.

You have to remember that your competitors are also planning their SEO strategies can also creating compelling content, so you need to be one step ahead.

Never settle for "that will do". Make sure your website content is simply amazing, a useful resource, clean code, beautifully presented, informative and most importantly up-to-date.

Try to make an SEO plan for your content writing, I know that we are all super busy just trying to run our lives and businesses, but instead of watching TV for 30mins, spend that time and write an article. After all, you are doing this for your business so why not put in 110% effort and reap the awards.


If you check your desk or pocket, you will probably find your mobile phone right. To put this simply a large part of the website traffic visiting your website will come from users with mobile devices.

It is extremely important that your website is optimised for mobile devices. Google will give you some bonus points for putting in the effort to make your website mobile-friendly.


As a business, you need to understand that SEO is constantly changing. Google the worlds biggest search engine is constantly changing its algorithms to keep the best content listed on page 1 of search results.

So what does that mean for you? - Well, a good place to start is to try watching a few SEO training courses on Udemy or other educational platforms.

You need to get the "basics under your belt" so then you plan start planning your website content and SEO action plan. Having that fundamental knowledge could dave you days if not months of unnecessary work.

Take a look at the infographic below by  Harris Myers  for some more useful website SEO tips:

 (Click to enlarge infographic)

Top 6 reasons why your business website needs search engine optimisation

Article created by: DCP London Web Designers

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