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Startup 101: 7 Tips For Choosing An SEO-Friendly Domain Name



Building a startup company can be challenging, especially with the tough competition you have to deal with.

Apart from ensuring that you start a type of business that’ll get you plenty of audiences, you also need to ensure that your business name is easily recognisable for everyone to easily find you on the web easily, for instance.

That said, when you pick a business name, you also need to consider the ideal domain name.

Startup 101: 7 Tips For Choosing An SEO-Friendly Domain Name

SEO Friendly Domain Name

Ideally, your business name should match your domain name to avoid confusion and keep yourself consistent globally. With that in mind, it’ll only be practical if you could pick an SEO-friendly domain name to increase your chances of getting organic visitors to your website.

With that, here are some tips for choosing the perfect SEO-friendly domain dame:

1. Consider A Domain Name Generator 

One of the easiest and hassle-free ways to choose the best SEO-friendly domain name for your startup company is using a domain name generator, such as the one from IONOS.

With this, you don’t have to worry too much about giving the most perfect name for your site but allow a machine to do it for you.

Moreover, you can also check if they’re available for you to have or if there’s already a website owner for the domain you wish to have.  

A domain name generator would be helpful and keep you from thinking of complicated, unsuitable domain names as they’re quick and reliable.

However, they might not always produce the best names.

2. Use A Trustworthy Top-Level Domain Extension 

A domain name would never be complete without an extension, allowing it to be easily identified. Some of the commonly used domain extensions include .com, .net, .fashion, .coffee, .shop, and the like.

While going for a unique extension might sound fun and interesting, it can be difficult, especially if you’re looking for an SEO-friendly one.

With that, you should only opt to use a trustworthy, top-level domain extension.  

There are plenty of top-level domain extensions that you can choose from.

While using a .tech extension would help you attract the right crowd, it might not be your best SEO-friendly option.

To increase your chances of getting on top of search results, you should consider going for .com or .co.

Those extensions are highly reliable, and most people tend to trust visiting a website with those domains.

3. Use The Right Keyword 

Of course, SEO would never be complete without keywords.

To allow your domain name to be on top of the search results, you should use the right keyword for your website domain.

For example, if you’re a clothing company, adding the word ‘fashion,’ ‘store,’ or ‘clothes’ would help to increase your chances of having a high SEO rank.

You can begin searching for the perfect keyword—remember that the higher the keyword score, the higher the chances of getting more website visitors.

4. Keep It Short 

When it comes to picking the perfect domain name, shorter is better.

This way, people won’t have to deal with typing a long domain address, allowing them to hop on to your website as quickly as possible. Moreover, a short domain name is also easy to pronounce and remember, allowing more people to easily recall your website in case they’re looking for your brand on the Internet.  

Ideally, you should limit your website’s domain name to six-14 characters. The shorter it is, the better it’ll be for your customers. While going for a long domain might feel unique and different, it won’t be helpful if your goal is an SEO-friendly domain name.

5. Make It Easy To Remember 

An SEO-friendly domain name should be easy to remember.

This way, your audience won’t have a hard time recalling the name of your website.

The more you allow your website to be easily remembered, the higher the chances of them returning as they can easily and quickly type it in the search box.  

To make your domain name easy to remember, make it short and try to use common words that are easy to spell and type.

That said, it’s best to avoid complicated words as they may not be easily memorised.

6. Avoid Using Numbers And Special Characters 

Similar to making your domain name easy to remember, it’s best to avoid using numbers and special characters.

While these can help make your domain name look and feel unique as you’re using special symbols, they might make it difficult for people to memorise them.

So, okay, they can completely recall your brand name, but they’re having a hard time finding your site online as you actually put a cute character in the domain name, and they can’t remember what that is. As a result, they might just do the hard decision of switching to a competitor site instead—one whose domain name is way easier to find.

This is the last thing you’d want to happen.

So, as you choose your website’s domain name, ensure that you only stick to the letters of the alphabet.

7. Keep Away From Repeated Letters 

In line with making your domain name easy to remember, you should also avoid using unnecessary repeated letters.

While it can help to make the website look distinctive, it might confuse your audience, especially if you’re using repeated letters in words that aren’t supposed to have one.  

Well, it’s absolutely fine if you’ll be using a word with a commonly repeated letter to it, such as ‘lollipop,’ ‘wheel,’ ‘app,’ ‘cook,’ ‘pizza,’ etc.

However, if you’d just like your word to be unique by adding unnecessary repeated letters, such as making ‘flower’ into ‘flowwer,’ it’ll only confuse your audience.

As a startup, you’re still in the process of building your brand, so avoid anything that’d cause uncertainty in your audience.


Choosing an SEO-friendly domain name can be challenging, especially with the number of things you must consider.

While you can always try to incorporate the best keywords and use a top-level domain extension, there are plenty of other things that you should take into account.

Even if it can be tricky, having the perfect domain name would surely bring plenty of benefits to your business. With that, you should begin with your keyword-searching process right away!

Article by Pankaj Shah: DCP WordPress Web Designers

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