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Best keyword research tools you wish you knew



A keyword research tool, as the name implies, refers to the tool that can help you look for keyword ideas that people are searching for on different search engines. These tools will allow you to find your keywords easily.

Best Keyword Research Tools You Wish You Knew

Top keyword research tools

Similarly, a keyword research tool will help you look for content ideas, and from those ideas, you’ll be able to plan your content strategy. Furthermore, you can take advantage of these tools for competitive analysis, in which you’ll look for keywords that are ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). With keywords, you can enhance and even make a new content strategy and get traffic.

Having said that, it’s extremely important that you use an effective keyword research tool. Aside from helping you identify popular keywords, it’ll also help you rank well in search engines for a certain topic and promote your services and products.

Nevertheless, this article is a list of the best keyword research tools you might not know about that can offer you lots of benefits.

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a keyword research tool that comes with many features. This tool can help you boost your content visibility by recommending some of the best and most relevant keywords. SEMrush also helps in specifying different keyword phrases that suit your content that will surely result in higher search traffic.

In fact, it’s a highly recommended keyword research tool as it helps in auditing blogs and tracking the keyword strategies used by your competitors. Another reason to use this tool is that it’s highly trusted by all kinds of businesses.

SEMrush comes with a one-week trial pro as well as a guru subscription when it’s your first time to sign up. They still offer free accounts, but with fewer features than paid subscriptions.

2. Long Tail Pro

With this keyword research tool, you’ll be able to check out your competitors.

Long Tail Pro will help you come up with different long-tail keywords. For instance, you’re in the dental industry and you want to know more about what and how your competitors are doing. With this tool, you’ll be able to formulate different keywords.

From those keywords, you can check up on your competition and you’ll know what to do to keep your business on top.

3. SpyFu

Initially known as Googspy, SpyFu is a search tool that will display the keywords websites obtained from Google Ads.

SpyFu has an easy-to-use interface. When you enter your competitor’s website into the search bar, the tool will show everything related to it, such as every keyword operating on Google Ads as well as organic rankings for every keyword.

4. Soolve

Known as a unified keyword research tool, Soolve serves as a keyword collector in that it’ll provide you with keyword suggestions from different search engines. It’ll gather results from major platforms such as Amazon, Google, Yahoo and YouTube. This will save you a lot of time by searching for trending and similar keywords for you.

For this keyword research tool, all you need to do is enter the keyword, check the suggestions, and then click on every result to obtain the list of popular keywords. Another good thing about Soolve is that it’ll offer you accurate suggestions and information in a single place so you don’t need to visit every search engine. Soolve is a free service as well.

5. Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer will suggest a lot of similar keywords based on the terms you entered. It can also offer volume-based data about a certain keyword.

The search volume data refers to the number of times a question, term or phrase has been searched on Google. In that way, you’ll be able to analyse questions that are important to users and from there you can formulate content.

But it’s worth mentioning that this keyword research tool is not available globally and will only offer keyword volume data only in 19 places, including the UK, the USA, France and Canada. For the complete list of countries, you can visit Keyword Surfer’s website.

Also, Keyword Surfer is easy to install since it also has a Google extension app and is free to use.

6. Google Search Console

This keyword research tool will help you track the performance of your website as well as your organic reach. Google Search Console will disclose how much traffic you’re obtaining from the site.

It also offers insights on the number of clicks, indexes, impressions, URLs and your website’s rank on Google.

This in turn will offer you precision on the keywords that you’re already using so you’ll be able to change the stagnant ones with higher-ranking keywords.

Google Search Console will also notify you of any problems that need to be fixed right away. Similar to Keyword Surfer, Google Search Console is a Google extension and is free to use.

7. Keyword Tool Dominator

Another free keyword research tool, Keyword Tool Dominator can generate famous keywords and help you determine the most used keywords using the 1–10 ranking system.

With this tool, you can search for long- and short-tail keywords trending on Amazon, Google, eBay, YouTube, Bing and other big platforms. But you’ll need to use every tool separately.

For example, if you want to look for the most searched questions and terms for your YouTube channel, you’ll need to use the YouTube Keyword Tool on the platform.

The good thing is that every keyword search tool on Keyword Tool Dominator is also free to use.

Final Say

There are many keyword research tools you can use right now, some paid and some free to use.

Both paid and free keyword research tools can offer you accurate and relevant keyword data. However, paid ones can offer more in-depth insights.

If you can’t decide which tool you should use, choose one that’s trusted by many or choose a lesser navigated option as a trial.

Nonetheless, with consistent and proper use, you’ll be able to determine which keyword research tool can offer you the best results and help in driving more traffic to your website

Article by Pankaj Shah: DCP Website Designers London

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