The Hidden Power of Long Tail SEO



Long-tail SEO is the use of longer, more detailed keyword phrases in URLs. These keywords are more specific than shorter core terms, consisting of three or more words. Whilst long-tail keywords are less common, they are more valuable to businesses; they tend to generate higher quality leads, with higher rates of conversion to sales.

Here are the top tips from this infographic:

  • Long-tail keywords generate 70% of search traffic.
  • Long-tail keywords are greater than two words.
  • Conversion rates for Long-tail keywords are 2.5 times higher.
  • Click-through rates increase for long-tail targeted keywords.

Long-tail keyword scenario:

Max needs to buy a new coffee table. He’s already decided that he’d like a large, solid light oak table with drawers. He types into Google the words ‘coffee table’ and gets over 100 million results. After clicking on 15 or so links, he is no closer to finding a suitable coffee table, because while there are plenty of sellers, none of those featured on the first page of results sells the specific type of table that he’s looking for.

Max’s clicking converts to traffic but that traffic doesn’t convert to a sale. He tries searching again, this time typing the words ‘light oak coffee table with drawers’, this time generating three million results.

The second website he looks at sells a coffee table that is perfect for his needs, which he then buys, turning his search into a sale for that company.

Using long-tail SEO means that when a customer searches for a specific product, which you sell, other less suitable websites will be filtered out, and the customer will be more likely to reach your business website. To learn more about the value of long-tail SEO, check out the infographic below created by hit tail.

The Hidden Power of Long Tail SEO

Article By Pankaj Shah | May 3rd, 2020 | Web designers

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