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Photography Website Design Tips To Use In 2022



To succeed in photography does not require being a web design shark.

Although neglecting the web design aspects won’t influence the pictures’ quality, it may considerably affect the overall photography website design layout.

Sites for photo artists are often places to promote their work pieces and generate leads.

However, when your site is low-quality, it can end in numerous missed career opportunities like earning the name, developing personal branding and, ultimately, losing business.

So if you don’t know how to turn the site into a top-notch and profitable, below 2022 website design photography tips are a must-use.

photography website design tips

1. Setting Clear Goals

Before establishing a photography site, it is decisive to determine its primary purpose.

In case you already have an operating website, consider whether your business goals correlate with its present-day performance.

This will impact the platform choice for site building and the general design approach. For instance, check the next practices:

  • It is best for event photographers targeting new, local businesses to opt for SEO-potent site makers. That’s because they will show up in top SERPs.
  • Are you aimed at making money by trading your shots online? So choose an eCommerce-oriented builder. Still, ensure it provides digital items sale if you wish to trade pictures as downloads.
  • If you are a novice artist seeking a job and the site is just your portfolio, pay incredible attention to the written filling. Take care it holds the central place together with your photos.
  • Besides, adding a CV and properly sectioned pictures to highlight your experience would be only a win-win.
  • Starting from scratch and need to gain authority in the niche? Nothing will work better than picking a reputable builder or incorporating guest posts.
  • It is critical to apply to credible sources and guest posting for backlinks with Adsy is doubtless that one out of the competition.

2. Thematic Division

One typical mistake you can trace within most web designs is sectioning absence.

With photos as the core site content, it is unreasonable to locate all the works in one gallery. So try to craft separate sections by themes.

Even if you don’t have an impressive subject variety, you may always divide shots with a colour palette or style.

That way, it will not only facilitate a look-through process for viewers but significantly aid in on-site navigation.

Some visitors already have a clear vision of what they are searching for. Just guide them in the right direction.

3. Getting Rid of Excessive Distractions

For a web design for photographers to bring value, you should consider different distractive factors.

For example, removing such things as complicated animation, too long content and stock pictures will transform the site into a more compelling, thus engaging people, and they won’t tend to quit it.

As practice shows, 8 seconds is the time to attract the audience and show you can offer them whatever they came for.

So how to create a visually alluring design? The best practice would be to play with colours, sizes, font styles and logo animations.

Actually, it’s pretty challenging for a brand to perform shot design without these components.

The best way to grab a visitor's attention on a photographer's website is to showcase your best work on the first screen.

You can show the prices for your services below.
So take your best photos. Retouch them at a professional Photza studio photo editing service or do it yourself in CaptureOne and add these shots to the most prominent place on your website.

Moreover, it is worth avoiding on-page interactions and animations that may raise the site’s loading time.

Pop-up buttons and some sections of animated icons can also drag away the public from consuming the page info.

4. Call To Action Utilisation

When users appear at your site, they have no idea about your services, so your main task is to guide them through it.

People hate surfing by themselves and appreciate everything that makes the searching process easier.

The appropriate navigation across the site, involving smooth web design and photography combination, is certainly the key to success. And the best way to implement this is to put CTA buttons in the relevant places - they are commonly at the top right corner of the page.

You can come up with different call-to-action variations to push visitors to purchase, but stick to the golden rule – do not ever distract them from the site’s exploration since it may lead to a severe loss.

One of the simplest practices is to publish content on the site to engage users and set CTAs at the bottom page.

Thus, if someone doubts about clicking CTA at the upper part, they will accept it after scrolling down to the bottom.

5. Concentrate on SEO Power

SEO is exactly the tool that might change the whole site's performance in your favour. Unfortunately, however, so few photographers fully utilise SEO potential. That way, learning how to make the most of the photography website designs is required.

For instance, location implies a highly essential SEO keyword for local photography artists.

The intense mentioning of your city, county, state and favoured haunts may bring people seeking those specific spots to your site. Besides, it would be nice to point out the niche specialisation.

If you are an event photographer, incorporate party-related words as much as possible.

In addition to your About page, blogs can be the place to work with SEO keywords in the most organic way.

They not only encourage heavy traffic to the site but also reveal more of your lifestyle and values, increasing users' time.

All these actions considerably strengthen SEO and help you reach the end goal faster.

To dive more into the subject, browse this site which gives different information about web design for SEO professionals and digital marketers.

Article by Pankaj Shah: DCP Web Design Barking

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