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5 amazing websites that blew my mind - May 2021



Sometimes when surfing the internet we find some little website design gems. As a web developer for over 16 years, I find myself still inspired by other talented web designers across the world.

In this blog post, I have collected the best 5 websites I could find to inspire you to be as creative as possible.

5 Amazing Websites that blew my mind - May 2021

5 websites to inspire your creative web design energy

When looking for creative inspiration there is nothing better than making a nice "cuppa chai" and having a good old surf of the internet to find some amazing web design solutions.

I often look for inspiration from other talented designers to push my knowledge to the net level.

To get your creative thoughts flowing, why not check out the best 5 websites I have found in May 2021.

What makes this site different: When you get to this website you will see some awesome 3D animation work. I love the way this website has been created with probably the most simplistic navigation I have seen so far.

To navigate the website you simply use the mouse wheel. As you rotate the mouse wheel the real effects will kick in, the animation starts to move and transition between different pieces of content.

I give this website a whopping 9 of out 10 for the overall design, amazing transitions and awesome animation work!

Tecate Pa´l Norte

What makes this site different: When you visit this website you will see an interesting parallax effect on the home page screen, The 3D lion head moves with the mouse cursor making the website feel very dynamic.

There are also particle effects flowing from the icons surrounding the lion. I did a check and the particle system is fully dynamic which makes this site even more interesting.

I give this website an 8 of out 10 for overall design and for simply being awesome!

Russian Panteon

What makes this site different: When we want to learn about history then we visit a museum or read a book, this website opens the door to a new level of learning. Gone are the boring pages of content and in comes a website with true dynamic design.

The website focuses on telling the history of the Millenium of Russia monument. This website takes you on a visual history journey that simply looks awesome. I like the fact that the website makes you want to learn and read more by visualising each aspect of the monument.

I give this website a 9.5 of out 10 for overall design and bringing a new style to education!

SS Ssolitaire

What makes this site different: Who thought buying a pack of cards could be so much fun! This website adds another level to eCommerce website design. The website utilises 3D dynamic rendering to showcase its product. You can even play a game online before you buy.

The website is super simple in terms of visual design which I like a lot. The web developers also integrated a dark mode which can be helpful for people with visual impairments, kudos for that!

You can purchase the cards with a few simple mouse clicks which is always a good sign for eCommerce web development.

I give this website an 7 of out 10 for overall design and ease of product purchase!

Rhythm of Nature Armadillo

What makes this site different: Rugs on a new level! When I first found this website I have a admit I was a bit lost as to what it was for :) But like all good things in life, it takes a bit of time and patients to understand. Once you see the meaning of this website you will appreciate more the effort the web designers put into creating such an amazing solution. I say web designers, but also maximum "brownie points" for the cinematic work as well.

Although the products on sale are not cheap, it does entice you to explore more and even consider looking at the cost of the rugs, admittedly a bit out of my budget :)

I give this website an 10 of out 10 for overall design and the use of cinematic video takes it to the next level and beyond!

Key concepts used in these amazing websites

As we can see, many of the websites above using some type of 3D or video-based content. Often the video content is controlled using creative JavaScript and a lot of development work.

The 3D animation work on some of the websites could be easily created using Blender 3D.

Many of the websites above use the mouse wheel to control how a user navigates through the website. I think this type of navigation style is awesome as you can focus more on the content and appreciate more the effort that went into building these amazing websites. 

Video and movement made all the difference 

For me personally, I like the fact that all the above website contain some form of video or movement. The Millenium of Russia monument website I personally liked the best for the simple reason that it was not all flashy and no substance.

Education as we understand is important, but so are the tools we use to educate. Some of you reading this blog post have probably seen some of my YouTube training videos, I try my best to make education as fun as possible and make complex tasks easy to understand.

Now normally I would not take the time out of my busy day to read about the Millenium of Russia monument, but this website was done so well that it got me wanting to read and learn more about this subject. For me, that is what makes this website and the web developers that created it simply AWESOME!

Which website did you like the best?

Feel free to comment below and let me know which website you liked the most and why.

Comment below if you have found an amazing website and would like for me to showcase it in my next YouTube video.

Final Thoughts

Building websites like the above is very time-consuming, so it not for all businesses, especially if you are a small or medium start-up business. I am not sure how effective the search engine optimisation is on these websites, but I guess if you have big marketing budgets then it doesn't matter.

5 Amazing Websites

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