Top 2017 user experience trends for website design


It’s safe to say that the UX world is changing at all times, and that’s why we are set to handle some really new trends all the time. The way we use all those trends will work with or against us, and that’s the thing to focus on at this point. For the time being, scrolling, parallax and cards are not going anywhere.

The minimalism is a great feature, but skeumorphism is set to make a comeback. The focus here is to make microinteractions great and it can indeed lead to some rather impressive and distinct set of ideas for the long run.

Top 2017 user experience trends for website design

There’s also a rise of responsive with backing from the accelerated web pages and progressive web apps. The video addition on a site like this is already impressive, but it will certainly be huge in the very near future too.

Moreover, the UX trends continue with the addition of unusual colors and some bold typography. These are some great ideas designed to bring in front distinct, outstanding solutions.

It also seems that the focus is on rapid prototyping, which in the end can lead to faster and better results. All of these are great trends that are set to influence the UX world very soon. If you want to find out more about them, all you have to do is to check the infographic below created by Designhill . Here you can find relevant information about the UX trends set to come upon us very soon, so check that out right away.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

Top 2017 user experience trends for website design

Article created by: DCP London Website Designers


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