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Tips for building a decorator website



So you’re planning on building a decorating website for your business, that’s great!

This article aims to help you understand some of the key elements you may require on your website. Have you considered the structure of your website and the type of content that you may want to display?

tips for building a decorator website

Website structure – almost all websites whether they are decorating websites or not will have a common structure. I suggest the minimum you should have is a home page, a services page, showcase projects page, add testimonials page, and enquiry page (get a free quote) and a contact page.

Home page – The home page is the first page that your visitors will typically see. You must get the right message to your visitor so they fully understand the types of jobs that you can do. You might also decide to add your current completed projects from your showcase projects page, these can be updated as and when you complete a new project. A good idea is to also create a news section on your website where you can write about new projects you are starting and products you have completed. Don’t forget to add a list of services which you can provide some your customer can see at a glance of what services you can write.

Services page – your services page can be a single page or a more comprehensive section of your website where each service is broken down into a separate page. I would advise that you create a comprehensive section so that each service you provide has a dedicated page. Each service page may contain a good text description of the service you provide and you could also showcase some examples from your portfolio and even add some testimonials from your clients.

Showcase projects page – this is a great place for you to showcase your skills and expertise. Many of your customers would want to see examples of your completing work before they commission you to start a job. Your showcase projects page should be broken down into separate projects and each project should contain a good description of all the jobs completed and also accompanied by a selection of images that can be viewed by your website visitor. You may also add a testimonial from your customer for the completed showcase projects item.

Testimonials page – don’t write the testimonials yourself, actually putting the effort to get testimonials written from your customers to ensure the information is concise and corrects. The testimonials page can give credibility to your business and the types of services you provide. Make sure you request a customer for a testimonial at the point of your project being completed, if you’ve done a great job they will probably do this testimonial as a thank you for your efforts.

Enquiry page – I suggest you put a link to your enquiry page where is most visible, typically I would suggest you add your enquiry page link as a graphic with a good call to action in the header of your website so this can be seen on every page your customer visits. The enquiry page should contain a form that captures your customer's contact details which should include their full name, telephone number, e-mail address and a list of required services /jobs to be completed. This information can then be stored in your website Control Panel and also automatically e-mailed to your e-mail address. I suggest you follow up on all enquiries ASAP!

Contact page – the contact page of your website should contain all your key contact information such as your telephone number, mobile number, e-mail address and business address. You may also create another generic enquiry form on this page so your customer can make a direct enquiry without having to navigate to another page. You could also add a Google map to the page so your customer can easily find your office.

The above information is just a few of the elements you should consider when building your business website but if that minimum you complete the above you should have a good website to showcase your business and generate new customer leads.

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