Top tips for call to action that converts


Although a lot of people believe that the Call to Action is all about the content you use, this mostly has to do with the visuals you use as well. the idea is to focus on finding the color combinations that convert. Red and light green are known to deliver a very good value for your time here, and that’s why you have to study the wheel of conversions listed in the infographic below.

Each color can have a specific impact on a person. For some people, a color will wake various emotions. For others, it just gets to be another color without any type of meaning. But in the end, what really shines in the fact that the Call to Action can indeed work as long as you pair it with the right color.

This is the important aspect that a lot of people forget, a good Call to Action doesn’t have to focus solely on a specific person or content. It has to be good, carefully selected and it needs to work very well. It will be very easy to get the attention of your customers or grab their email if you use a good color combination.

It will definitely shine as a whole, as long as you are willing to experiment with it a little bit. Granted, it will not be the easiest thing out there, but it will surely work to your advantage since you can gain a lot of leads in the end.

Take a look at the infographic below designed by  Wishpond for some more useful "Call to Action" tips.


(Click to enlarge infographic)

  Top tips for call to action that converts


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