21 SEO Tips for ranking blog posts in Google search results



Creating blog posts that rank well on Google Search can be tricky if you have limited content writing and SEO knowledge, let alone web development.

Personally, I write all my blog posts in a text editor before evening thinking about publishing on my website. By using a text editor I can quickly find and fix spelling/grammar errors. I can also structure the blog post quicker and even use voice to text to speed up the process.

The title tag is probably one of the most important tags you need to consider after all this is the title which is displayed in the Google search results.

The meta description is also important, think of it as a brief summary of what to expect when someone clicks to read your blog post. The meta description is displayed directly under the title in search engine results.

Keyword phrases should be incorporated into your title, meta description, alt tag images and blog post content, but don't overdo it, if you read the blog post aloud and it sounds strange then it will probably be treated as SPAM by the search engines. Basically do not stuff keywords into your content!

Blog posts contain headings, these can range from H1 to H6. Each heading should be treated correctly and used as key indicators for specific sections of your blog post. Incorporate keyword phrases into your heading tags but again overdo it.

Add some flair to your blog posts by incorporating images and video content. This can greatly improve your visitor's engagement levels.

Create bullets and number lists to emphasise specific key points rather than paragraphs of text where appropriate.

Remember creating blog posts for your business website should be fun, simply start by sharing the knowledge you already have and progress from there.

The above are just a few tips to get you started. Take a look at the SEO checklist for blogs created by Feldman Creative in the infographic below for more useful tips.

(Click to enlarge infographic)


21 SEO Tips for ranking blog posts in Google search results

blog post created by: DCP Website Developers



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