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Top SEO trends you need to know for 2017



Let’s face it; we all want to have a website that ranks high in Google Search Results. Understanding how search engine (especially Google) change their algorithms is essential if you want to maintain your search engine rankings.

"Content will always remain the king" if you produce awesome written information, images, video content then you can expect a better flow of web traffic to your website.

It would make sense that if you have helpful content, informative then the viewers of this content may share it with others via social media and at minimum bookmark your website as a valuable resource.

As search engine resolves, new methods of supplying structure information will take form. A good example is Rich Snippets. Schema Markup is a way of documenting definitively what a page of content is about. Google understands Rich Snippets and in essence, you are helping Google to serve this page to the correct users.

AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a coding technique used to improve the load speed of pages for mobile device users. Before smartphones existed, businesses and web developers had to only focus on development for larger screen devices. In most cases, these larger screen devices are connected to a faster local internet connection. With mobile devices, users are constantly on the move and connected to 3G or 4G data connections, these data connection tend to run much slower and the need for a fast loading page is required.

Google AMP aims to help businesses and developers build pages that simply load faster for mobile users, and in turn, provide a better user experience.

Voice search is not new, but keep a close eye on how search engines will deal with voice search over the next year. Mobile phone digital keyboards are limited in the speed of data entry, so giving a user the ability to speak a search query or question can greatly improve user experience.

However, the way we type and speak greatly differs so as a business you need to adapt your content to future proof your SEO rankings. Try adding FAQ markup to your most prominent pages.

KOL share some more useful SEO tips in the infographic below.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

Top SEO trends you need to know for 2017

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