11 website design features you need to know for 2017 and beyond


Website design is one of those things that tend to change very fast. In fact, it constantly changes as the market wants some new, creative stuff and it adapts to the needs of all users. That being said, knowing how to handle all of these demands can be rather tricky to do right off the bat. Once you do such a thing, you will know how to take care of all these things in a proper manner.

When you want to have a good website design, you need to keep the reader on your page, but at the same time the site has to be visually appealing. Then you also have to think about user interactivity too, because no site will be very impressive unless the user can interact with it. This type of experience is interesting, enticing and it just makes things a lot more intuitive in the end. Yes it can be tricky, but it works really well for sure!

Of course, adding specific types of images can also come in handy. The idea here is to understand how to handle and track all these things and once you do that, you will not have a problem getting the right outcome. You can count on a good website design to make your site stand out, but that also means you have to take your time in order to create a powerful design that will last in time.

Adding some animations is actually very helpful. It really works as you would expect and the outcome on its own will be impressive. The reason is simple, people love the idea of seeing animations on a site. Yes, it can be a bit hard to add those on a website, but it will definitely be one of those things that offer you the quality and value that you may need for sure!

Full website borders as well as abstract shapes are also becoming a trend at this point. It’s up to you to test what works and what doesn’t with your site though, because the more you spend your time with this, the better the results will end up being in the end. You can rest assured that investing in a good website design will offer a wonderful return on investment.

But the challenging thing here is that you have to figure out which are the best options and you have to adapt to the situation the best way you can. That being said, we always recommend you to stay up to date with the latest trends. With that in mind, this infographic offers you a good insight into some of the best trends that you can get at this point.

If you want to boost the value and quality of your website experience, do consider investing into a wonderful website design. Follow the trends listed in the infographic and you will have no problem getting some of the most impressive results out there. Check them out and you are going to love the outcome for sure!

Blue Compass shows you the 11 simple guidelines to follow in the infographic.


(Click to enlarge infographic)

11 website design features you need to know for 2017 and beyond


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