Top 10 jQuery plugins to improve your website - Feb 2013 list


Are you looking for some great jQuery Plugins which can add some flair to your website or improve your website visitors experience. We’ve made it easy for you and found some of the best jQuery Plugins.

1. Lightbox 2
Lightbox 2 is a popular plugging which can be used to expand an image overlay on top of a current webpage. We often use lightbox to create interactive image galleries.

2. Windy
Windy is a great little jQuery Plugin which allows you to create an animated section of your website which can contain information such as your latest news items or examples from your portfolio. Each time you select the next arrow button the animation will execute and the content will fly off-screen.

3. Jarallax
Jarallax is an open-source javascript library which the development of a scrolling / animated website easy. This is achieved by using a combination of JavaScript and CSS.

4. slideControl.js jQuery Plugin 1.1
slide control is a useful jQuery Plugin which allows you to create a real-time interactive slide control element. You can find similar slide controllers used one elements such as volume control on a media player or a money selector on a loans website.

5. Product Colorizer jQuery Plugin 1.2

Product Colorizer jQuery Plugin can be used in many different ways but a good example would be the manipulation of the colours on a T-shirt. This plugging is ideal if you are developing an e-commerce website which allows a customer to customise their product before purchase.

6. PageSlide

Page Slide is a neat jQuery Plugin which allows an interactive panel to is displayed on user interaction i.e. click a button. This plugin can be used in many different ways but is deal for displaying a list of navigation options for website users.

7. jQuery Waypoints v2.0.2
Have you ever wonders how designers create those infinite scrolling pages? A good example of this can be seen on facebook interactive timeline. jQuery Waypoints has a range of extensions which can assist in the design of infinite scrolling pages and much more.

8. Data Tables
If you need to provide your customers will table based information and want to give your users the ability to sort data and list data into pages then Data Tables in the perfect Jquery Plugin for the job.

9. Isotope
Wow what can I say! – Isotope if perfect solution for display news content or a portfolio in an interactive interface. User can filter data, sort data and change layouts of content without the need for web page to reload.

10. Noty – Notification Plugin
Do you want to provide your clients with animated interactive notifications? – Noty is a great plugin which allows you to post messages on-screen in real-time or on user interaction.


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