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What is machine learning and the impact on business SEO



The future of SEO is always changing, and there’s a reason for that. Algorithms are changing to the point where you can deliver extremely accurate search results for user queries.

The infographic you can find on this page was created with the idea of helping you identify what Google wants to change in the future and how their algorithm may be modified in the end.

Understanding and tackling all of this does come with its own set of challenges but in essence, your goal should be to simply create awesome, up-to-date, accurate content in written format, images and video-based content.

Ultimately Google's goal is the be the best search engine on the planet and let's face it, they are not doing a bad job, right?

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So Google RankBrain is not a separate application, it is an update or enhancement to the existing Google Search engine.

Before this new update, Google would simply look at the words entered into a search query and return results based on keyword phrase matches. This seems to work fairly well but is by no means perfect.

The RankBrain update will sort the millions of new and existing search queries into contextual groups which contain a defined meaning. A user's search query is converted into a mathematical vector which is used to search through the vast data collection which Google holds.

The ultimate aim is to give better search results returned to users of the Google Search tool.

Express Writers created this infographic with more info about Google RankBrain so take a look and learn something new today.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

What is machine and the impact on business SEO

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