New tech for 2015 and beyond


The future can be unpredictable. Just ask anyone over the age of 25. Just 15 years ago, mobile phones were only just becoming a must-have, the Internet was barely being used, and kids were still handwriting their essays. How the world has changed! These days in the Western world, a person without a mobile phone is almost unheard of, and even one without a smartphone is rare. The Internet is a necessary part of everyday life, with a huge amount of business being conducted, and personal communications being made, online. And I’m not sure children are even allowed to submit handwritten assignments!

But people adapt quickly, especially to an exciting future full of things that make our lives easier. All of this has become the norm, so it may be strange to think that in another 15 years, things will likely be very different again. It might leave you wondering what more we could do! And the answer, amazingly, is lots. Check out the infographic below by social media today to see what could be in store for 2015 and beyond!

(Click to enlarge infographic)

New Tech For 2015 and Beyond


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