Blogging Tips - how to get other people to increase your blog followers



Blogging can take many forms. It can act as a type of journalism, an online diary, an advertising platform, a place for Elearning, business advice and much more.

This makes it pretty flexible, in that the choice of content is limitless, as is the choice of style, length and frequency of its posts.

Many bloggers aim for a high readership, while others do it just for themselves.

Whilst some blogs take the form of long articles, others are following the trend of micro-blogging - shorter, more succinct blogs, supported by sites such as Tumblr and, some might say, Twitter.

Would-be bloggers are given the option of either using a dedicated blogging platform, such as Google’s Blogger, or publishing as part of an existing website.

The often informal nature of blogging, combined with today’s ever-improving mobile technology, means that blog posts can be written and published, on the go, providing instantaneous content.

Social media platforms make blog posts easily shareable. The use of SEO can also increase readership further.

Publishing a website blog for your business means that you’re constantly providing your customers with new, fresh content. If the content is of high quality, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Even better, they’ll share it, bringing you more readers. Those readers will return and share, and so it goes on.

Of course, you’ll need some kind of strategy to make all of that happen, so check out the infographic below by quick sprout for some advice. Happy blogging!

(Click to enlarge infographic)

Blogging Tips - How To Get Other People To Increase Your Blog Followers

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