10 UX tips to improve your business website


Creating a flawless website design is not impossible, all you need is the right set of tools and focus on getting the job done. It can be done adequately and it can indeed work very well. It all comes down to having the right commitment and knowing how to handle these things.

First, you need to maintain a consistent branding, so always focus on using the same color scheme. The contrast is also important. If you want the customer to focus on a specific section on your site, then do that with help from heavier fonts.

As we mentioned above, consistency is key, so try to keep those buttons similar as that helps people better identify everything in no time. Of course, you still need to focus on functionality. You want to eliminate any potential issues and you have to adapt that to the situation the best way you can. It’s a true challenge for sure, but it can be worth it if you handle it in a professional way.

When you choose a typography style, you have to stick to it. This will help you bring in that sense of consistency we talked about earlier, and it really establishes your business in a good way.

There are many other things that you have to opt for when you create the perfect UX. The infographic below designed by  Ucraft is full of info, so don’t hesitate and check it out right now for the best UX guidelines!

(Click to enlarge infographic)

10 UX tips to improve your business website


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