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Why is WordPress the perfect solution for your small business?



WordPress is a common yet unique website development platform that provides everything that is needed to develop a website.

It is very much secure, safe and flexible, and user-friendly.

It can be used to build SEO-friendly websites that rank better in Google searches.

The fact shows that more than 62% of companies’ websites are made on WordPress.

WordPress development is now more frequently used to build a website than any of the other platforms.

For any SME start-up, a strong digital presence is needed to advertise business solutions and generate qualified leads.

Designing and developing the best website requires effort & time but will lead to a stronger online presence matter.

Building websites can be a complex task, so you can either learn new web development skills or hire a professional web developer or hire a developer on rent to work on WordPress solutions.

What is WordPress?

Why is WordPress the perfect solution for your small business

WordPress has a strong foundation and has many developers making improvement to the platform on a consistent basis.

It is a perfectly equipped, designed and search engine optimised platform which can be used to create business websites.

Let us now discuss why SMEs or small-scale businesses also need a website.

Let’s now suppose you run a medicine shop and a man nearby your shop is looking for medicines for him. He takes out his phone and starts searching for a medical shop. Here, if you have a website and your website is registered with Google, his search will end up showing the name of your medical shop nearby to his location.

If you have not optimized and registered your website with Google there must be a 100 % chance to miss a valuable customer. The above-cited example is the reason why every business needs a website.

For the best website development and management, WordPress is one of the best platforms. Few merits of WordPress:

  • WordPress gives small businesses room to grow
  • It provides premium themes to make your website an outstanding one
  • It provides you with the best Mobile responsiveness
  • It provides small businesses with an excess of functionality and extensions

In this current competitive world, it is necessary to create a website before starting a business, or else your business will not gain any name and fame along with it. This helps them kickstart and market their businesses.

WordPress is open source and helps in web content management and website development. It also offers numerous customized functions with essential security options and wider plugins that clients can choose from.

WordPress is accessible just after installation. No additional support for other software functions is needed. Here we have got two Kinds of WordPress: Self-Hosted WordPress and Hosted WordPress. Let us learn about them in detail.

1. Hosted WordPress (

Why is WordPress the perfect solution for your small business

This is suitable for small-scale businesses or SMEs. Before starting a business if you create a website beforehand then it works as a marketing tool as well. Till the revenue generation part is not related to it, there is no necessity for self-hosting.

WordPress hosted version is totally free of cost and it is administered by the WordPress team members, which creates hassle-free maintenance for its users. The exclusive effort is to add content and selection of a basic thematic page or word template for the website.

2. Self-Hosted WordPress ( (freedom to own access)

Why is WordPress the perfect solution for your small business

This version of WordPress is very much easy and simply free of commands to use. Various website developers do support these extensive WordPress features and which are very simple to use.

Mostly the blog creators and the new emerging business people use WordPress hosting and building Websites to showcase them digitally.

WordPress ensures your safety to keep control and organise all your data while using plug-ins because you are the sole trustworthy member to look after your business backups. Here along with its distinctive features it also provides a higher chance to generate revenue by promoting your advertisements.

Here is a strong recommendation for WordPress. Even after investing some amount, you will have to take care and manage the data and for which WordPress can play a major role here following some of its basic procedures like ad posting, layout, SEO, etc.

Here we are going to discuss a few reasons that make WordPress the best for small businesses.

Why is WordPress the perfect solution for your small business

  1. It's very simple and easy to start with the model and working pattern. If you are starting with a minor web development process or just started a new business, WordPress can make a big difference. You must choose and purchase a domain of your choice at a very low cost in WordPress.
  2. It provides a simple and fast setup. SMEs should use WordPress as its setting can be done within a few touches or clicks. This also indicates that you don’t have to be a skilled person to operate it.
  3. It is quite reliable, safe, and secure. We know the Internet is a very risky place where data can be lost within minutes, but WordPress is always ready with regard to safety and security. It has a sincere management team of security who are continuously working to provide the website with much more security every time. It also releases security patches and updates making it safe for you.
  4. WordPress is SEO friendly. It was earlier famous for blogging platforms only, but gradually it gained the position and gave a strong foundation to CMS and SEO. Now the websites are usually created on WordPress so that it's easy for Google to rank them.
    It has a qualitative design, structure, setup of pages, meta tag, title, and description which allows Google to detect it easily.
  5. WordPress provides Media Hosting. Images are the index of every website, as they speak up many thousands of words for which it is important to get images, videos, audio files, animations, etc on your website to make it more appealing.
    As compared to other platforms, WordPress supports all the formats of multimedia files like .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, and more. Audio formats are: .mov, .avi, .mp4, .m4v, .WMV, .ogv, .3gp and .3g2 .mpeg.


The solutions we have provided here must be valuable for everyone who is planning to work with it. After you read the whole article, you can say that WordPress is like a boon or blessing for all SMEs because its simpler way of using it saves a lot of money.

If you are willing to use WordPress, you do not have to look elsewhere for any kind of additional add-ons or plug-ins to get the basic features like comments, RSS feeds, revisions, etc.

WordPress is far enough flexible to bear the loads offered, and no other platform can perform it better than WordPress. It has transformed from a simple blogging platform to an e-commerce website. WordPress is efficiently able to meet all types of needs and provide you with all the flexibility, as it is a broad-featured and extended platform.

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