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Top tips to improve website visitor engagement 2020



If you running a business then having a clearly placed contact phone number is essential. Have you ever been to a big corporate company website and all you want to find is a contact number, you are already stressed and then you have to trawl through pages to try and find a customer support number, this can be extremely frustrating so give your customers a simple way to find your contact details and improve your visitor experience.

improve website visitor engagement

Speed is now the new king of the internet. When you are sitting at home on your super fast broadband connection, your website may look like it is loading super-fast, but then go outside and try the same on your mobile 3G or 4G connection and the website loads painfully slow. Understand that people are constantly on the move and using mobile devices will help you to build a better website experience for visitors using mobile browsers. You need to factor in both speed and design when thinking about how a user may interact with your website.

At DCP web design agency we often use the Google Page Speed testing tool to optimise a website load speed.

Make sure you compress images and use lightweight image formats on your websites such as jpg, png or gif. At DCP we often use the following website to compress jpg images:

How you layout your content and how the content adapts from desktop view to mobile view is extremely important. For example, at DCP we build lots of lead generation websites for our clients. We have tested over 20 different layout styles to see which performs the best. Having a form above the fold tends to lead to more website conversions. Keeping the website content brief and super simple improves user engagement. But probably the most important factor is website page speed, if you are spending money on marketing and your website loads slow then you are probably wasting some of the cash as many of your potential customers will simply not wait for ages for your website to load.

If you have a business website then make it super simple for website visitors to find your product or service pages. Most B2B customers will first visit your product or service pages, then navigate the rest of your website to see what makes you stand out from your competitors.

Build a history of your completed projects. If you are running a business then showcasing your work and give a new potential customer an insight into the quality of your work, show that you an established business, that you work with all sizes of businesses and much more. At DCP we have a portfolio with over 500 projects listed. that shows our potential customers that we have the skills and knowledge to deliver awesome solutions, we have already completed multiple projects so they can be assured we know what we are doing and spending their marketing budgets with DCP will be a safe choice.

You are probably reading this article on our DCP blog? A blog is a great way to showcase your expertise. Yes, it takes a lot of effort to maintain a blog but it can help you get more targeted visitors to your website. Articles tend to be informative and impartial like this one. It is not a selling tool but a tool to showcase your skills and knowledge. At DCP we not only write written articles but also publish hundreds of videos tutorials on YouTube and Facebook. These videos can then easily be turned into blog posts adding some visual content to your website. Videos tend to have better engagement but written articles are better for search engine optimisation.

Remember that a website will not last forever. Technology constantly changes and you need to adapt or be left behind. Keeping your business website up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies can be the difference between online success and failure. Every 5 years at DCP we re-build our website using the latest coding and design techniques. We want our website visitors to have the best experience possible. Of course, this does not happen for free, we have to invest internally in our business to ensure we can compete.

The above are just a few tips to help you improve your website visitors engagement. If you need help with your business website then why not contact DCP for a 2-hour free consultation today.

Article By Pankaj Shah | May 9th, 2020 | Web designers London

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