How online form processing can streamline your business and save you time


The business runs on information, and this information is huge and difficult to manage. The proper dissemination of data at correct places requires doing repetitive tasks, which don’t prove to be very appealing to team members and prune their efficiency. Todays’ business requires finding aninnovative solution to cut short these boring menial tasks, to improve employee productivity. But, the solution is yet not achieved, for a research reveals that managers require spending two days per week on administrative jobs. This makes the manager spend lesser time on building strategies and undertaking other important portfolios. Around 86% managers wished for automation of process to improve their efficiency level.

How online form processing can streamline your business and save you time

Moreover, a revelation by ADP suggests that 55% of the employees are in the favor of automation, so that repetitive tasks can be avoided. The streamlining of the processes should be spread across all departments, as nine in ten managers are not satisfied with their productivity levels. The managers feel their efficiency lowers with routine work processes, which includes IT support process and even employee onboarding methodology. So, if you want to make your employees productive and more efficient then probably the online form builder is a solution to your problems. These forms provide better flexibility and connection to already present web apps, which aid in better management of information throughout the organisation and fulfill goals more swiftly. Even 83% of information technology experts and business decision makers have been stressing on the requirement of a robust digital transaction management solution to run business. Let’s look at the way each department solves business challenges by means of online forms.

1) Marketing department- The online form builder aids the department to create branded forms that will help in collecting maximum leads. For example- a web development organisation with the online form builder was able get 1100 sign-ups from 90 countries within a short span of 30 days. Moreover, the tool provides unmatched branding capabilities along with embedded forms, which have been able to boost campus visit by 45% and enrollment by 70% in a two year time frame. Additionally, an organisation dealing in digital marketing was able to increase its conversion rate of a customer sign-up by 114%.

2) Information Technology department- The online form builder saves on the development time significantly, as these forms don’t require coding. Moreover, the form fulfills number of administrative duties prevalent in the IT department including bug fixes, equipment requests, feature requests, approvals and much more. A study conducted showcased that 93% of the IT leaders are of the opinion that digital transaction management solution is an important tool for smooth functioning of the IT business function. This is because the IT department is linked to resolving of queries for other team members within the office. The streamlining of processes in order to answer technical requests and problems will aids in improving efficiency and productivity across the organisation.

3) Human Resource department- The use of online form builder has facilitated the human resource department to create efficient workflows to manage the administrative duties. For example, the department can now design forms pertaining to employee onboarding, PTO requests, employee satisfaction, job applications and new hire information forms. This eliminates the hard to manage email threads, and save thousands of dollars on training programs. Even the recruitment and talent searching has become 100% digital with the help of these online form builders.

4) Finance department- The online form builder help in streamlining the financial documentation combined with approval processes for the finance department. For example- the finance department can build forms related to check requests, reimbursement, new vendor information, payroll changes and purchase requests. Moreover, 81% of business leaders acknowledge that the competitive influence of a digital transaction management solution is very critical for the proper functioning of the finance department of a business. The online form builder can aid the accounting experts gather critical financial data and keep it systematic and workable. For instance- A business involved in food service was able to knock off two days from its financial approval process by utilising the online form for standardisation purpose.

Formstack share some addtional great ways in which forms can improve your business website in this infographic.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

How online form processing can streamline your business and save you time

Article caeated by: DCP London Web Design


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