Top tips for developing a cutting edge media strategy



If you are reading this you are either: researching opening a business, about to launch your website or still in the beta period.

The only certainty is that you are looking for advice in creating a successful media strategy, no matter the level of your career, this is something we can help you with.

Over the past decade, the way we interact with each other has changed, many seeking to work for themselves via the internet, which has been dubbed “remote working”.

Social media has also been beneficial for: retail, creative fields and public houses to name a few. However with the good comes the bad, the internet is filled with similar: businesses, products, talents and people. All with their advice, different success stories and end goals.

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Like your favourite YouTuber or writer, they all started where you are now, with strategies of their own. Taking time, energy and a lot of passion to achieve their dreams.

The hardest part, specifically for fellow procrastinators, is to begin. Maybe it's finding the right platform, targeting an audience or coming up with an idea you are passionate about.

So, where should you start?

The first and most simple step is setting up your platforms, making them functional and with a correct design. Making use of company colours, logos and linking them to your business website. A common mistake, particularly in the beta period, is signing up to all social media platforms. This will seriously over saturate your time and the prime platforms can suffer.

Consistency is integral to success, so choose two or three to begin with, as your team grows your online presence can follow. Which platforms do you potential customers use the most?

My people who use social media, from influencers to freelancers, staying in contact with your audience will need to be one of your top priorities. Utilising a smartphone can also be fundamental to success, almost all social media platforms have free apps, which allows you to stay connected with your audience and maintaining consistency.

Social media shouldn’t run your life. If you are uncertain of what platform to use, read our article about which social media platforms are worth your time.

Setting up social media accounts is fairly simple, but how you connect with your audience is another matter and certainly requires a lot of research.

There are thousands are articles about this on the internet, which is why we created our bite-size version, that will serve as a gateway to success and future of your company.

Your first goal is to choose the correct social media platforms. If you are targeting a younger generation of people then social media platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram are all ideal.

Facebook and Twitter are used by a wider demographic and I would suggest setting up social media profiles for both.

LinkedIn is great if you are offering b2b services.

YouTube is simply awesome if you want to target a global audience.

Creating content for your social media posts can be challenging if you do not have graphic design experience. Why not check out the video tutorial below for some tips on using the free Adobe Spark tool.

I guess you are probably like me and don't have much time to manage your social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube offer built-in tools to help you schedule posts in advance. I tend to spend a few hours a week building a posting schedule and then focus on my main business activities. Here is a little help for you:



If you would like to research this subject further, we have more articles on developing your platform, audience and fixing problems when they arise.

Check out some other great tips in the infographic created by Yeager Marketing

(Click to enlarge infographic)

Top tips for developing a cutting edge media strategy

Article created by: DCP London Web Designers

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