Top 10 tips for creating a mobile friendly website design solution for your business


Our life today is a busy and exhausting one. We have no time even for our loved ones. Thus, it has become extremely important for us to have everything available at just a click. It is because of this attitude that companies have to face tough competitions to be the first one to convince and impress the customers.

A mobile website is something which has come for their rescue. However, creating an easy to use website is something that everybody is not able to do. So, here, we are going to talk about few tips which would help us and the companies to develop websites which are mobile friendly.

Top 10 tips for creating a mobile friendly website design solution for your business

  • Keep it short and sweet: The first and the foremost thing to understand is that we are talking about mobile websites. All of us know that mobiles are used by everyone for everything these days. However, the screens of these devices are quite small. Therefore, it is essential that the companies developing websites keep the content short, simple yet clear. Moreover, using lots of images can also hinder their experience of exploring the website. So, you need to go easy when it comes to text to ensure a hassle free experience for your customers.
  • Plan the website carefully: It is essential that you design your website as simply as possible. A lot of content, images, and clutter can slow down your website’s speed. This can be a major drawback and can affect your SEO rating as well. Thus, planning you layout is very important.
  • Create your website for multiple devices: There are many devices which are available in the market like Android, Apple and Blackberry. In order to reach a larger audience, it is very important to make a website which is compatible with all such devices. This will ensure that your products and services reach and are used by more people. You can also check the usability by using various mobile emulators.
  • Thumb-friendly: Since most of the smart phones these days are touch screen. It is very important that your website accepts and understands that features of the phones. If not, it will include a lot of scrolling and zooming which can consume more time and thus, make people leave your page quickly. Hence, it is necessary to design the website with buttons and menu navigation large enough that it makes tapping much more comfortable.
  • Use of mobile icons: You will find a number of places in your mobile website where various mobile icons can be used. This will not only have lesser content and clutter but will also make it easily visible to people. For instance, instead of writing call or email us, you can use the phone or the email icon. Moreover, while linking your website to the social networking profiles, use mobile icons and not the text.
  • Contact details: Most of the mobile users navigate the mobile website to look for your contact details. If this basic information can’t be easily located, the user would just look for another company straightaway. Therefore, having your contact details easily visible on the website increases your chances of conversions and thus more profit for you.
  • Link to the main site: Mobile site is used only for obtaining some information. However, there are users who use their cell phones more than their laptops and systems. Thus, it makes more sense to provide a link to your main website too by mentioning “full version”. This will take them directly to the main website from where they can extract detailed information.
  • Keep branding intact: Branding is very important for any company whether big or small. So, if you have a stand-alone mobile website, it is better to keep the look and feel of it same as that to the main website. This maintains the trust factor among the customers. Moreover, they are able to identify the products and the company much more easily by seeing the same branding.
  • Less images and videos: Heavy files such as images and videos only make your website heavier to load. It loads slowly and thus leaving the customer irritated and confused. Hence, using just the company logo is more sensible than filling up the site with images and videos.
  • Optimise for mobile SEO: Optimisation of mobile SEO is the most important thing these days. Hence, you should read, understand and follow the guidelines mentioned by Google related to SEO. This is for the company’s benefit only. So, make sure you use SEO strategy which includes mobile behavior and keywords. This will give more exposure and thus ensuring more growth and opportunity.

These tips, if followed, thoroughly, would be very advantageous for you. So, go ahead, get the required changes done and see your audience increasing.

Take a look at the infographic below create Yeah Local by for some more useful mobile website tips.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

Top 10 tips for creating a mobile friendly website design solution for your business

Article created by: DCP Web Design in London



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