Super tips for creating a successful business website


Internet has opened a customer base that was unimaginable before. Everyone wants a slice of this pie and for that the first step is building your own business website. This website will be your window to online customers. Since, the website would be the first thing that any viewer would notice about your business, it needs to be carefully designed. By following some simple guidelines you can easily achieve designing a successful business website.

Super tips for creating a successful business website

  • Choosing the right coding platform for the website

Websites can be coded in HTML or a CMS may be used for creating the website. Though, traditionally HTML was the preferred coding tool for website creation, now more and more businesses are using a content management system for designing and developing their website. CMS has many advantages over HTML. They are easy to use, updatable and SEO friendly. They are especially useful for business people with little coding knowledge.

The three main CMS platforms in use today are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, with WordPress dominating the CMS market. WordPress is suitable for beginners in the small to medium businesses. They are all free and easy to install.  

  • Selecting the right domain name and TLD

The domain name is the internet address of your website. Users will recognise your website by this name. For example, is a domain name with the .com part called TLD (top level domain). Though, there are nearly 1000 TLD’s available today, .com should be preferred because of the credibility it offers. The domain name should be short, crispy and related to the business.

  • Choosing hosting server

Hosting server are machines/servers on which your website would reside. They should be fast, reliable and secure. Various types of hosting servers are shared, VPS (virtual private server) and dedicated.

  • Installing WordPress

Assuming that you have decided to use WordPress as your coding platform, the next step would be installation of WordPress on the hosting Server. There are hosting servers like Bluehost dedicated to WordPress websites. These servers have the added advantage of managing optimization for the website.
WordPress can be easily installed with one click only. Though manual installation is also available, one click installation is generally preferred for beginners.

  • Customizing your website

Once the installation is completed successfully, you will need to customize your website as per your requirements. It would include selecting and customizing themes, adding logos and creating web pages.

You can support your website by adding various plug-ins. Plug-ins are software designed to support specific functionality. Like, a web browser would need Adobe flash player plug-in to view certain multimedia files. Similarly, you can add important plug-ins to your website to enhance its functioning. Some of the important plugins are SEO plug-ins and Google plug-ins.

Once the website is developed and ready, you would need to back it up and then open it to Google. Regular maintenance and backup activities are important for unhindered running of your website. Updating the website with new content is important to keep it looking fresh. Using right kind of coding tools help you design and update your website easily thus making it successful.

WP Team Support created the useful inforgraphic below. Take a look and learn something new today!

(Click to enlarge infographic)

Super tips for creating a successful business website

Article created by: DCP Website Design London


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