Instagram Social Media - 6 Image techniques which guarantee more likes


When it comes to taking and sharing images, Instagram is the number one place to do it. It is social networking at its simplest; the user simply posts a picture, often with a short comment, and waits for the likes to come rolling in. As with other social networks, you can follow your friends, companies you’re interested in, celebrities you like, and so on. Other users can like and add comments to your images and vice versa. The app can then be used to send photos to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. The invention of smartphones, with their ever-improving camera functions, means that anyone can take a photograph, at any time, wherever they are. They are then able to apply filters, crop out parts of the photo they don’t like, and add other special effects. With this kind of flexibility, it’s little wonder that Instagram has become such a success.

Instagram can be just as valuable to your business as Facebook and Twitter can. It allows you to give consumers a snapshot (literally) of what’s going on in your company. The images you share don’t have to be only of the product or service you provide - although of course it makes sense that some should! Depending on the tone or formality of your company, you could allow followers insight into how your business works, with staff action photos or a picture of a product being made. This is a great way of engaging with your followers!

What kind of images do you post to your Instagram account? It’s probable that most businesses don’t consider the more technical details of the photos they post. But as the infographic below created by curalate shows, aspects such as colour and texture can have a big impact on the popularity of your image on Instagram. I think I’ll be posting entirely blue pictures from now on…!

Instagram Social Media - 6 Image Techniques Which Guarantee More Likes


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