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How to Increase Your Reach on Instagram using SEO



Just like you use SEO to increase the reach and traffic to your blogs or business website. Similarly, if you want to expand your reach on Instagram, use Instagram SEO and see the results, it will make your brand more search-friendly and enable you to interact with a wider audience. We'll go over each technique for incorporating SEO into your text and hashtags so that more people can see your account.

How to Increase Your Reach on Instagram using SEO

Instagram SEO basics

To increase the number of people who can find your content in search results and the suggested feed, Instagram SEO is all about optimising your content. Because it's a fantastic method to expand your following and establish your community.

Is Instagram SEO Important?

Instagram has billions of users, and a tonne of stuff is posted there every day. Your content will stand out from the competition thanks to SEO, which will also help it appear first on explore and search pages. Instagram search is a bar at the top of the explore page that functions something like a directory of all Instagram accounts. You can find the accounts, hashtags, and locations you're looking for using the explore page in the same way as you do with the Google search box. By using SEO, you may optimise your content such that it appears at the top of the search results.

Not just the search bar, either your content will appear in suggested posts when you use SEO. You are being shown content from accounts you don't follow. It's the finest method for giving your content the visibility and audience it deserves.

Don't forget to optimise your video content and images for Instagram. You can view our free social media image size guide here.

Important Instagram SEO Elements

The Instagram algorithm uses additional crucial data in addition to content optimisation to rank a phrase in search results. Additionally, you can increase your Instagram followers for your content by applying different strategies including keywords and the right time of posting schedule. You should take into account the following important criteria for Instagram SEO:

According to User Activity

Instagram will determine your interests from your prior activity and only display that kind of content to you. The search result will be given priority by the Instagram algorithm, and related items will be displayed first.

  • The query for Search Relevancy
    The most crucial consideration whenever you search on Instagram is the relevance of your search terms. It will search popular accounts, posts, hashtags, audio files, and locations for pertinent content.
  • Information About Search Results
    The reason a phrase becomes more popular is when more people search for it. A search result's ranking may also be influenced by an account's quantity of comments, likes, shares, and follows.

By using SEO, you may make it easier for Instagram's system to recognise your content, which will signal Instagram. Whenever someone searches for a term of this nature, your content will show up in the search results.

Tips for Using SEO to Expand Your Instagram Reach

You can gain the fame you need if you know just how to use SEO to improve your content and obtain the widest audience possible.

The methods listed below will help you increase your Instagram reach:

  • Include key phrases in the caption
    You could look for things using phrases, hashtags, places, usernames, and profile names. But as with Google, you can now search using keywords as well. This demonstrates how including keywords in your descriptive captions can increase your content's discoverability. Although a username, profile name, or even a bio can be used to create keywords, captions are the primary method. By using any keyword in the search field, you may verify this. Similar to the "most popular sort of content," this will cause a pertinent post to be created from any account. Therefore, if you want to appear on the explore page, it's best to utilise more relevant keywords in the caption of your article.
    You can create a lot of keywords for your convenience and use them in your caption stories about your brand to increase visibility.
  • Change the profile name's keywords
    It's time to optimise your profile name if you want to develop and become more visible. Add the term to your profile name and make sure it is searchable if you have a certain keyword in mind that you want to rank for on Instagram. You can use the brand "Paper Magazine" as an example to demonstrate your point by observing that both the username and the profile name contain the word "magazine." If adding the term to your username proves challenging for you, no worries—you can do it in the name field.
  • Hashtags Can Change The Game
    You are likely aware of the advantages of hashtag usage on social media. Using the hashtag is still the greatest approach to helping new audiences find your work. Using the proper hashtag will bring your content in front of your intended audience if you're trying to discover that audience. Even if they don't have any connection to you. Especially if you post using relevant hashtags and have a public account. Your post will be shown on the hashtag's page. Therefore, it is better to develop an efficient hashtag strategy to grow your Instagram followers, and if you don't want to pass up the opportunities that will be advantageous to you.

Include Custom Text in the Post's Description

Instagram launched the alt text tool to make posts more accessible. These descriptions can help your content gain more SEO.

Your work will be more easily found if you provide more, detailed text in it. Your alt text should contain keywords, and you should offer value to your content.


Everything takes time, and to increase your Instagram growth and reach, you must put some methods into practice. Keep track of your content, and don't forget to include keywords—they're essential to SEO. You'll notice a difference in your account's growth after applying these strategies.

Article by Pankaj Shah: DCP Web Design Ilford

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