7 great tips for improving landing page conversion



Creating a good landing page is an essential task if you want to generate more qualified leads from your marketing campaigns.

Your goal should be to build landing pages which are optimised for conversion. Creating lead generation pages is not the same as creating a home or about us page for example.

It is common to have some type of form processing for data capture. The from processing fields should be validated before allowing a user to submit. The last thing you want is an incorrect phone or email address.

I would recommend placing a form above the fold, this basically means the form should be immediately viewable when the page loads.

In most cases, you will want to display a privacy policy and term, make this type of content pop up in a lightbox, do not open these pages in a new window or worse move away from your landing page.

Try to void giving a website visitor the ability to move away from your landing page, remember the goal is to get data captured.

Example Lead Generation Landing Page

Keep the content on the landing page brief, big and bold. Try to incorporate features of your product or service and bullet list the unique selling points (USP).

Place multiple "call to action" buttons throughout your page design. All "call to action" buttons should take the user back to the form located at the top of the landing page. Try to use high contrast colours for buttons.

A well-designed landing page should also focus on simplicity. Adding too much complexity will simply overwhelm web visitors, and that’s what you want to avoid.

At DCP we have developed many landing pages for a client project. Take a look at our lead generation web design portfolio for some high converting page idea.

A simple, yet optimised landing page can give you a better conversion rate, which in the end can translate into a lot more potential revenue 

Check out the infographic created by Brafton on this page to learn some more useful optimisation tips.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

7 great tips for improving landing page conversion

Article created by: DCP Web Designer London



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