6 Key steps for creating a successful business website design solution


Web design can be extremely challenging to handle, especially if you don’t know your audience at first. But as you can see from the infographic below, it can be very important to focus on 6 key elements that can make or break your success. With that in mind, these ideas can bring you the type of experience and unique results which you expect.


The brief has to include things like project definition, target audience, goals, tech specs, content inventory, resources and project timeline as well as budget.


Planning is crucial here, because it requires usability, mockups, page layout, brainstorming, information architecture as well as research and concepts.


With web design, your focus has to be on the color scheme, the logo, artwork, visual elements, typography, rich media, user experience, compatibility with devices and prototype templates.


From that, you go onward to development, where your focus has to be on accessibility and web standards, frameworks, the overall database, functionality, content, site performance, markup and security.


At launch, you need to be prepared for testing, live server transfer, quality assurance, web analytics, deliverables, training and documentation and many others.


With maintenance, you also need to have A/B testing ready, functionality and content updates, design updates as well as troubleshooting ready.

All of these things are a crucial part of the design process and you have to focus on them the best way you can. So, use this infographic designed by  New Design Group  and start preparing your web design as fast as possible!

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6 Key steps for creating a successful business website design solution


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