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In this video tutorial, I will show you how to ping a website using Windows Command Prompt. This is a useful process when you are migrating websites between different website hosting providers.

You're probably viewing this video tutorial because you have recently completed a website migration to a new hosting company.

The problem is when you migrate a website you need to understand when the migration process has completed.

From experience, the main issue is a website can look identical before and after the migration process is completed.

So using Windows command prompt to ping a website and check which IP is returned is a good way to find out where the website is loading from and all you need to know is the IP address for the new server.  In most cases I would complete the migration process in the following order:

  1. Make a full backup of the website on the current web server.
  2. Re-install the website backup on the new web server.
  3. Update the domain name: Name Servers or “A” Record. 
  4. Wait a few hours for the domain name to fully propagate.
  5. Open Windows command prompt and ping the website and check the reply is from the new webserver IP address.
  6. Test email accounts.
  7. Test website.

Fingers crossed and all should work OK :)

Note: In some cases, the time it takes for domains fully propagate can be up to 72 hours, but if you use the above process the transition between one server and another should be seamless. Also, you should experience 0% downtime as the website will continue to operate on the old server during the domain propagation time.

Note: It is best practice not to close down the old server until you are fully tested the website on your new web server. If you find the website is fully operational on the new server then I would suggest you make a backup immediately so you know you have a good working version in case of any future issues.

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Ping website address in CDM video tutorial created by: DCP Web Designers

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