7 tips for creating a successful small business website solution


The internet is the place that can make you or break you. When you have a small business and potentially no TV ads you need to get your information out there. Also, as a consumer, we want to see a website. Looking for a service, many people naturally Google what they need and then look at the site that is provided by the business. If there is no site, many will move onto the next one. If the site is terrible, again many will move on because that is a first impression, and if the first impression is something that isn’t updated and doesn’t look good, that’s the impression they will go with, regardless as to if it’s accurate or not. Put your best foot forward and create a site that will have clients/customers flocking by taking some of these tips below.

7 tips for creating a successful small business website solution

Be Memorable

The first part of your page is the title, the header, and the logo, and you want them to be something that clients will gravitate to and remember. It should be clean and effective as well, letting them know who you are right off the gate.

Navigation Should Be Easy

All things should be easily found on the site. If people have to search for information through multiple clicks and links, and doing a research project, they will head on over to a site that makes it easy for them. Make the most important information visible on the first page and from there use a simple menu with no more than five links. Make sure the links are easily understood and lead to where they should.

Subscribe Here

When you go to a site you should be able to easily subscribe to/opt-in to their emails easily, no searching required. And it should be available on every page that they visit. Some sites have a pop-up that shows after a minute or so on the site, some right away. Others have it scrolling to the side of the page always sitting at the bottom corner of the window. Make it so they can see it and have that choice easily. If they can’t find the subscribe box, they can’t subscribe, and that’s how you get clients.


Video, Blogs, Vlogs & Social Media

Having a video makes you relatable. People can see who they are actually working with. Be funny in them and be real. Talk about the business, what you are looking for, who you are, etc. Then make a blog / vlog and talk about your business, how you help people with your services, other concerns such as the state of the planet, whatever it may be, just be relatable. Then post them to a social media site. Having social media is the key to connections today. And it shouldn’t be just one site, use Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. everything. Just make it work for you and the people will follow, especially if you are engaging with them in posts and responding to messages.

Finally: Make Sure People Know how to Contact You

Make it clear and concise and ensure that all information is correct. There should be various ways for them to get in touch with you such as through social media, email or phone. Also have your location on a map that they can click and get directions too (if that is the type of business that you run).

Following these tips you can host an amazing site that attracts customers and clients to you. This is the main way to get yourself out there. The site should reflect who you are and where you and your company are going in the future.

Take a look at the infograhic below created by Front Desk for some more useful tips.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

7 tips for creating a successful small business website solution

Article created by: DCP Web Developers London


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