39 methods to increase your email open rates


Sometimes your email marketing endeavor might not work that great, and the main reason here is that you just don’t manage to bring in a good method to make your content opened. Here are 39 actionable tips to help you increase the email open rates.

  1. Add the subscribers to the whitelist of your email list
  2. Scan your mails from spam, just to be safe
  3. Make sure that you are not placed in the blacklist of your users
  4. Use proper formatting for mails
  5. Go for more text and reduce the amount of images.
  6. Have patience, since reputation is created in time
  7. Maintain the same From Name and From Address
  8. Always update the SPF record
  9. Avoid using free mails as your FROM address
  10. Do not insert full URLs in your mails
  11. Include a text version for your HTML newsetter, since sometimes your users might not be able to open them
  12. Avoid using strange punctuation just to fool spam filters
  13. Do not use spam trigger words
  14. Try to use the confirmed opt-in ideas
  15. Contact the new subscribers immediately after they subscribe to your content
  16. Set a specific set of expectations and then work hard in order to meet them
  17. Bring in more targeted traffic
  18. Deliver the lead magnet to subscribers as soon as possible
  19. Make sure that you send messages at the right time
  20. Send the mails to those that fail to open, enticing them to see your content
  21. Use a different style of marketing from time to time in order to switch things up
  22. Use Unicode characters when you create your subject lines
  23. Test your subject lines with some cheap ads
  24. Provide an option to unsubscribe and make it easy for the users to go down that route if they want to
  25. Optimize the preview text
  26. Tell the customers what type of mails they will receive and let them choose if they want a specific one.
  27. Remove those that won’t open your mail
  28. Send mails that are exciting and worth being opened
  29. Study some great subject lines
  30. Remember to spy on the competition from time to time
  31. See what is popular and use it in your mails
  32. Make sure to use open loops from time to time
  33. Test the ability to change the From name as it might help if you use the personal name or the brand name in conjunction
  34. Tie in the mails to relevant, current events
  35. Perform list segmenting
  36. Split test your ails
  37. Personalize your mails in order to make them more appealing
  38. Maintain and improve the relationship that you have with your subscribers
  39. Learn the problems and desires that your subscribers might have

As you can see, there are many methods that you can use in order to improve the email open rates. Try to implement all, or at least most of these in order to acquire the results you seek. One thing is certain, the results will be very impressive and you will love them for sure!

Take a look at this infographic from  EmaiLab  for more information on email open rates.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

39 methods to increase your email open rates


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