How to create a super successful YouTube channel


YouTube stars are all the rage right now. They have the right name, the right appeal for the niche and the knowledge to make their page successful. There are even some that have been successful for not so great things, but that didn’t deter from the fact that they have millions of views and followers on their page. So how do they do it? Read on to get some insight as to how to make your channel the best possible.

Figure out your Audience

First decide what your videos are going to be about and who your target audience is. So if you are for example a makeup artist you know that people are going to want to see makeup tutorials, what you buy, how you decide on styles, etc., and then you have to make it unique. Find your why, meaning why are you doing this if it’s for the fame and the fortune or to get noticed so you can branch out. Once you are up and running, make sure to keep it fresh. You can do a channel with stuff from the 80’s and expect it to fly now (well, in reality it can it seems these years are all about retro/vintage etc). Know that the most categories currently are music, gaming, children, people & personalities, comedy, beauty, and technology, how to video tutorials  or random and weird experiences.

Find a Catchy, Memorable Name, and Grow Your Personality

When you create the name for the channel, make sure it’s something that people will remember, it’s short, and it’s unique. People are surrounded by different titles and headlines and in order to stand out, your name has to stand out. From there create your profile. Share all of your social media sites, which you should have made specific ones that match the name of your YouTube channel, and then if you want to go further, like the biggest stars do, buy your domain name, meaning a registered name for your website that no one else can have.

Brand Yourself and Use the Right Stuff

Have a logo, have a watermark on your videos, have a profile picture that shows you off either doing what you do best, or something professional even. Make it look good. Having the watermark helps to ensure that others don’t use your work and claim it for themselves. Get the right equipment for what you are doing. If you are into action (such as skydiving, rock climbing, riding, whatever) you should have something like a GoPro, you can also invest in a DSLR camera. Whatever you use it has to be top notch. People want to watch HD videos, not grainy ones. Also create a suitable intro and YouTube end screen slide to help promote your videos and channel.

How to create a super successful YouTube channel

Make your Money

This is the part that you want to hear most of all right? Well here you go. Get your videos out there. Use keywords that people are likely to search and make sure the content is up to date. The title should be catchy as well and attention grabbing. If it sounds boring, people won’t watch it, it’s called click-bait. Collaborate with others who have a strong base and then from there you can gain followers. To make money, you can go through the YouTube partner program that pays for every 1,000 views. You have more than that, we are talking serious cash. And you can also do brand sponsorships, sales, crowd-funding, etc. And stay in the game. Post regularly, plan what you are going to post and when and be consistent. If you say you will post every weekend, post every weekend without fail. Also don't forget that you can add your videos to your blog and gain more vistiors directly to your business website where you can promote other products or services  may provide.

Just think, the estimated income of one of the YouTube stars PewDiePie, who has over 43 million subscribers, is over $15 Million. Take this seriously and you could be up there as well.

Take a look at the infographic below designed by We are top 10 for  some more great YouTube tips!

(Click infographic to enlarge)

How to create a super successful YouTube channel

Article created by: DCP London Web Designers


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