14 social media visual marketing stats you need to know!


Getting success online is not going to be a walk in the park. This is actually a very challenging and demanding premise, one that can lead to a lot of challenges along the way. But it can work very well if you know how to adapt to it.

For example, Facebook users are watching 8 billion videos per day. That’s obviously a lot of content and it goes to show that sharing videos on social media can work to your own advantage quite a lot. Plus, these videos tend to be watched without sounds around 85% of the time, so the focus has to be on visuals.

Infographics, like the one you can find below, are tools that tend to be shared 3 times more than any other type of content out there. It really shows the true benefit that you can get from owning this sort of tools, and the experience that you receive as a whole from them can lead to 3 times more people checking out your stuff.

The same goes in the case of video marketing. The idea here is that video content is around 74% of all the internet traffic, so obviously it’s crucial to opt for creating content in the online world.

You also need to study the marketing trends, which are very well put together and easy to access. If you want to obtain a very good value for your marketing approach, use these tips and you will get some outstanding results!

Take a look at the infographic below created by SAG ipl for some more useful visual marketing stats.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

14 social media visual marketing stats you need to know!


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