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Website Design Solutions for London Based Businesses


DCP Web Designers offer a range of affordable web design solutions for businesses based in London. At DCP we use the latest Responsive Website Design coding techniques to make sure your website is mobile friendly. We have over 13 year experience in building website solutions for a wide range of businesses. All of our websites are created from a blank canvas to ensure your business has a unique presence on the internet. We have completed over 500 projects so you can be assured that we will deliver a high quality website solution for your business.


DCP Website Design Solutions


Responsive Website Design

Responsive web design is a technique used by web designers to create a single website which is compatible with multiple internet browsing devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Responsive Website Design

At DCP we keep up-to-date with the latest trends to ensure your website is modern, user friendly and optimised for search engines. We custom build all websites using the latest coding techniques and web design tools.





Google Page Speed

At DCP we optimise all website for popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. All websites are tested using the popular Google PageSpeed Insights Tool. We use various coding and image compression techniques to ensure your website loads fast and error free. Click on a project below to see some examples of recently completed projects with DCP Speed Optimisation.


Google page speed website example 01
Google page speed website example 02
Google page speed website example 0
Google page speed website example 04

Google Mobile Friendly

All websites created by our web design team are mobile friendly. We use the latest coding and design techniques to ensure your website is compatible with all mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, and laptops. All website are tested using Google Mobile Friendly Testing Tool. Select a website  project from below to see some examples of websites which DCP has created and tested using Google Mobile Friendly Tool.


Google mobile friendly website design example 01
Google mobile friendly website design example 02
Google mobile friendly website design example 03
Google mobile friendly website design example 04

Google Analytics

Wouldn't it be great if you could find out how many potential customers have visited your website? At DCP we install Google Analytics free of charge for all website projects we design and develop. Google Analytics is a powerful tool. Google Analytics allows you to see how many customers have visited your website, what pages the customers have looked at, how long customers spent on your website and much more.

Google analytics example graph

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Frequency Asked Questions
What is responsive web design?

In simple terms a responsive website adapts to fit the screen of an internet browsing device. For example a responsive website design will look different on a desktop computer compared to a mobile phone. The same content is displayed on both devices but changes layout to suit the screen size of the viewing device. At DCP we use the latest coding technologies to ensure your website is compatible with desktop computers, laptops, mobile and tablet devices.

What is ecommerce web design?

An ecommerce website (Online Shopping Website) allows your business to sell products and services online. DCP ecommerce website design solutions also use responsive design, this allows customers to view the website on different internet devices and complete payment transactions with ease. The type of ecommerce solution will really depend on the types of products sell or services your business provides. All DCP ecommerce websites are custom built so we are confident we can meet all your business requirements and goals. We can adapt our ecommerce solutions so you do not have to compromise on your requirements. We have over 12 years experience is building custom shopping website solutions so simply contact us for a free consultation today.

What is custom web design?

Sometimes a business needs a website which is simply not a standard website solution. If you have a great idea but cannot find a solution then DCP Web Designers will make the solution for you :) We have a talented team of web developers, graphic designers and project managers who have many years of experience in building custom website solutions. We understand how to deliver complex web applications using a range of up-to-date programming languages and development tools. Simply contact DCP and get free no obligation web development consultation today.

What is website hosting?

In simple terms website hosting is a location where all your website files are located. The files need to be located on a web server (Just a big computer) which is accessible from the internet. The files are stored on a web server so anyone at any time can access your website. The server is running 24 hours a day so your website can be accessed and viewed whenever required. Like all computers sometimes things go wrong so at DCP we monitor our servers on a daily basis to ensure your website is up and running with minimum downtime. At DCP we aim for a 99% uptime for the hosting we provide to our customers. All DCP dedicated servers are located in the UK with super fast 1Gbit connection; this simply means your website will load fast when your customers are viewing your website (we all hate waiting for websites to load right?). We offer hassle free hosting so you never need to worry about server problems as our technical team monitor web servers on a daily basis and fix issues so you can focus on your daily business activities.

What is a domain name?

In simple terms a domain name is like a post code (zip code) or a mobile phone number. It is a unique address which helps people find your website and help you to promote your business on the internet. Each domain registered must be unique just like your mobile phone number in unique. The domain is actually connected to an IP address but the IP address is very difficult to remember, an IP address looks like this but a domain look like this So as you can see the domain is alphanumerical based and very easy to remember and looks a lot better on your business cards and marketing material compare to the IP address. If you are not sure about how to get your business domain name registered then contact DCP and we will guide you through the process. At DCP we offer hassle free domain name registration service. We register all domains with reliable domain registrars. At DCP we highly recommend registering both a and .com domain name for your business website. All websites require a domain name so contact DCP and we will check if your domain name is available for free of charge.

What are website modules?

At DCP we understand that your business will grow and need additional website features to meet your future business marketing strategies and business development goals. At DCP we have created a range of custom built website modules which can be added to your website at anytime. These modules give your website enhanced functionality and can be adapted to meet your requirements.

For example when you start your business you may only require a simple 1 to 5 page website. As your business grows you may want to write about the work you have completed. With a simple low cost upgrade DCP can give you the ability to write unlimited news content which you can publish on your website in real-time. We have a range of website modules to meet different requirements as follows:

Website Latest News Module – Keep your customers and website visitors up-to-date with the latest news about your business. It always a good idea to get fresh content onto your website. A news module is also a great tool for search engine optimisation. Using DCP news module you can write hundreds of new items which can contain text content, images, YouTube videos and much more. Each news item has its own dedicated page so you can share your latest new easily via social networks. All news items are saved into an archive and listed in date order. You will have full access to the news module using your CMS control panel so you can create news items whenever you like.

Website Image Gallery Module – An image gallery system can be used for show casing your work. The image gallery system allows you to make multiple albums which can contain multiple images for a specific project. For example if you are a baker you could create an images gallery for showcasing your wedding cakes and a different gallery for showcasing birthday cakes. If you are a painter and decorator when you could create an image gallery to showcase the before and after pictures of a specific decorating job. The image gallery system is very flexible and can be adapted to meet your website business requirements. Your CMS control panel will give you full access to the image gallery module so you can upload images and create galleries as required.

Website YouTube Gallery Module – If you like making videos and want to display them on your website then our YouTube gallery module is a perfect solution for your business. The YouTube gallery module allows you to add multiple videos to your website using a simple user interface. Each video added can contain a title and description. The video can also be easily shared via social networks. This solution is great if you want your showcase your business skills in video presentations. At DCP we enjoy making helpful videos which not only help other people but also helps DCP to gain exposure on the internet.

Website Portfolio Module – This is a great solution if you would like to document your work using images and text. At DCP we think it’s a great idea to showcase all our completed projects so customers can see the quality of work we have completed. All our completed projects are listed in our website portfolio using a combination of text and images. The portfolio module also contains a category system so if your portfolio is large then customers can easily filter out examples of what they are looking for. For example DCP Web Designers portfolio contains categories for Logo Design, Leaflet Design, Ecommerce Web Design, Responsive Web Design, Newsletter Design and much more. The portfolio module is designed to be flexible and can be modified to meet your business requirements.

Need a custom built website module? – At DCP we have many years experience in custom coding for website development client projects. We have created a base range of website modules, but if your business needs something different, then simply contact DCP Web Design team for a free custom development quote.

Our Moto is simple; If you can think of it then we can built it :)

Why use DCP web development team?

By using DCP you can be assured that you will be able to contact us and get a response within a sensible timescale. Our Web Designers London based team are always here to help you build a better online business strategy and provide jargon free technical support.

So you may ask a question why use a London website design Agency to build your business web site? Well its simple wouldn't you like to meet your designers face-to-face so you can explain exactly what you're ideas are? Or be able to contact you designers during normal working hours?

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