Word Cloud Generator Video Tutorial



Welcome to this DCP tutorial, in this tutorial I am going to show you how to use the word clouds website to make some creative text-based image artwork for social media posts or website design content.

Overview of this tutorial:

  • Copy some text for the word cloud
  • Go to Word Clouds website
  • Paste in the text
  • Change the shape
  • Change the font
  • Change the theme
  • Select export file resolution size
  • Select save file type

Open your web browser (Google Chrome) and go to this website: https://www.wordclouds.com

On the World Clouds website select “File” / “Paste Test”

Select file and paste text

  • Note you need to have some text copied, I suggest you copy some text from your website, or you can copy the text below for testing.

Sample text: Did you know that you are simply awesome, make sure you wake up every day with a smile, make it your goal to learn something new every day and always remember to share your knowledge.

Now simply paste your text into the text box and click the “Apply” button.

Paste text

The website will now automatically generate a word cloud which may look like this example below.

Example word cloud

You can change the size of the word cloud by using the slider at the top of the website page.

Change the size of the word cloud

You can select a different shape for the word cloud by clicking on the “Shape” button.

Shape button option

Select a different shape for the word cloud

Note you can also select one of the other option tabs to experiment:

  • Letters
  • Colourful
  • Upload

Select one of the other option tabs to experiment

Below you can see another example using the bat shape.

Example using the bat shape

Now imagine if you had to try and do this in something like this using GIMP or Photoshop, imagine how much time it would take to cut and paste in each word on to its own layer, change each word resize all of the words, layout text and then change the colour of all the words! It is going to take absolutely forever, but on this free and awesome website, you can generate this style of artwork within a few mouse clicks.

You can also click on the font option and change font styles.

Font option and change font styles

In this example tutorial, I will select the Impact font, I like this font because it is quite strong and bold and makes it a bit easier to read text on the artwork.

To make the text even easier to read you can change the gap size.

Change the gap size

Select the theme option to quickly select a pre-defined colour palette.

Select a pre-defined colour palette

Below you can see two examples of colour change using the theme option.

Two examples of colour change using the theme option

Now we can save our artwork, select the size option first.

Select the size option

There are many different size options available:

  • 640x480
  • 800x600
  • 800x800
  • 1024x768
  • 1920x1080 < Good for HD desktop background
  • 851x315 < Good for Facebook
  • 1500x1500 < Good for Twitter
  • Other higher resolutions for good for print design work

In this tutorial, I will select the 800x600 resolution size.

Next, we need to select the file type, click on the “file” option. In this tutorial, I will be saving the file in png format.

Save word cloud option

Finally, let us test the image by posting on Twitter :)

Example post on Twitter

Awesome! – I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

Here are some other free word cloud generators which you might also find useful:

Did you know you can find over 500 more video tutorials on our Elearning YouTube Channel?

Article By Pankaj Shah | June 7th, 2020 | London Web designers

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