Top tips for building a social squeeze page


The ultimate aim of any business is to convert window shoppers to actual customers. The same holds true for any website. People come to the site and browse its content. Now you want them to turn into potential customers. In order to correspond with them and build a good customer relationship, the best personal information you can get from these net savvy customers is their email address. Because of the spam floating around the net, people are wary of divulging any personal details. You need ways to make the customers trust you enough to give you this information. Keeping this purpose in mind, pages are designed and created to attract and gain users confidence so that they give you their correspondence information. When such pages are designed for social sharing they are called social squeeze page.

Top tips for building a social squeeze page

With time the needs of customers change. You need to be aware of the current needs of customers. The likes, dislikes, what would keep the customer on the page and what would turn them off from the website.Keeping in mind the customer trends of 2017 here is a list of essential elements of a good social squeeze page.

Having a result oriented headline

You need to build your social squeeze page around a theme that is relevant to your audience. It should be popular and in demand. Your headline should be able to clearly identify the advantage the user is going to gain by getting the information that you will send on their email address.

Add social element

What sets this page apart from the conventional squeeze page is the inclusion of social sharing buttons like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. This gives an element of reliability and social acceptance to the page. People are more likely to accept things that are socially endorsed. Also, encourage the users to leave comments. It adds to trustworthiness of the page.

Create an information gap and use it to call viewers to action

Generate curiosity about the content. Give enough information through a video or text to get people interested. But, also hide enough information to make people want more. This will make them give up their email address readily. They will in fact wait for your correspondence so that they can get to know more about what they were reading or watching. It is like waiting for the next Harry Potters book in the series or waiting for the next Die hard to get released.

Opt-in forms

Add couple of opt in forms at relevant places. Find out the places where the user will more likely look on your page, like an image or a video, and strategically place your opt in form there. The reason for having more than one opt in form is that the more forms are there the more subscribers you will get.

Once you have created an awesome social squeeze page you need to promote it. Use social media sites for the promotion activity. This will generate niche traffic to your page and the percentage of viewers getting converted to customers becomes higher.

Check out some other great tips in the infographic below designed by Backlinko.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

Top tips for building a social squeeze page

Article created by: DCP London Web Designers


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