Top 5 Digital Advertising Predictions for 2015


The advertising world is continually changing, mainly thanks to the numerous ideas and technologies that continually appear year after year. In 2015, it seems that numerous advertising techniques are going to change tremendously, and this is why we have created a list with some of the advertising predictions for this year.

1. Traditional media is in complete decline
Due to the web and online ads, traditional media is experiencing a major decline, because brands are heading to the online world in order to gain the best exposure. At the same time, the media gatekeepers are removed, which makes it easier for the businesses to create their own media. In the past 15 years, the paid media amount has decreased, with the earned and owned media increasing exponentially. The trend here is that the brands will start to publish their own content and thus become their own publishers, thus diminishing the costs tremendously.

2. Mobile and video usage rises
This trend has appeared around a few years ago and it continues to rise. Mobile web works amazingly well and the fact that people can carry their phones with them and still stay connected is the major appeal in this. At the same time, video consumption has increased because it’s easier to understand any information in this form. Statistics also show that videos are mostly seen on mobile and more than 70% of mobile users are watching videos on their device, something that clearly shows the importance of mobile video. Because of that, both mobile and video will soon be the relevant ways of consuming media online.

3. Microtargeting
People are creating niches based on the content they consume, and because of that targeted ads are more efficient, because they hit right to the point, which is very important for any ad provider. Since most people want to find something relevant in ads instead of wasting their time, targeted ads are a great way to connect the business to relevant audiences. The trend here is that the methods used for targeting will increase exponentially while the audience size decreases.

4. Programmatic spending increases
In the past few years, the desktop was the major medium for programmatic spending, yet the past year mobile programmatic ads have started to surpass the desktop for the first time, thanks to more than $8.36 billion spent per year. Programmatic spending is more efficient, and because of that it will continue to gain more ground throughout 2015.

5. Digital touchpoint analysis made easy
While it was a little tricky for consumers to have their way pinpointed in a professional manner when it comes to the online ads, the smartphones, as well as tablets and desktops have started to interconnect with each other, in a great way, so that they could deliver professional, astounding results. And since a purchase starts on a device, many of them move on to another, showing the interconnectivity of the device medium and the great results that the online world provides in this regard. This means that being able to see the consumer journey before making a purchase is a lot easier now, and the results are more appealing as well!

These are the most important prediction for advertising in the online world, and they will surely continue to provide the desired results in the years to follow as well. Thanks to an increasingly productive online world, the ads become more and more important as we move to a totally interconnected medium!

Checkout the infographic below created by digital information world for more info.

(Click to enlarge infographic)

Top 5 Digital Advertising Predictions for 2015


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