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How to Enhance Your Web Design Skills with UX Certification



As a digital designer, you’re a sought-after skill set that many businesses want to utilize in a digitally dominant market. The more strings you attach to your bow, the better as a UX designer and UX certification is one way to add those strings.

Whether you’re just starting out as a digital designer or you’ve got a couple of years in the field of UX design, sharpening your skills helps to become a better designer.

It may also prove useful in securing clients for a business after they see the quality of UX/UI design being used.

How to Enhance Your Web Design Skills with UX Certification

User experience plays a pivotal role in helping secure new customers and retain loyal ones. With 52% of users claiming that a poor mobile experience makes them less likely to engage with a company, the way a website or platform is designed is important.

If it doesn’t provide a purpose to the customer or doesn’t work efficiently, then you may find your customers walking away from the business. Enhancing your web design skills through UX certification helps ensure you’re doing everything possible to provide a UX experience that customers will love.

In this guide, we’ll explore the basics of UX certification and the benefits of enhancing web design skills. We’ll look at how UX certification helps with web design, as well as other ways to improve upon your web design skills for 2023.

Table of contents:

  • Basics of UX certification
  • The benefits of enhancing web designs skills
  • X tips for enhancing your web design skills with UX certification
    • 1. Learn more about UX research and planning tools.
    • 2. Use UX certification to master design principles.
    • 3. Refresh any skills you’ve been neglecting.
    • 4. Use certification to become a leader amongst web design peers.
    • 5. Utilize this and more training materials to push and test boundaries as a designer.
  • Other ways to improve your web design skills

Basics of UX certification

UX certification is an exam-based credential that provides UX designers with credibility, along with helping build their skills and win those all-important projects if working from one company to another.

To achieve UX certification, there are typically a number of training courses and exams to pass. This certification provides the designer with a full understanding of UX design proficiencies.

Personally, it provides you with all the skills needed to provide the best UX skills but it shows any potential clients or employers that you’re competent in this field of study.

The benefits of enhancing web design skills

Becoming a web designer in this current space in time is exciting. In fact, a recent study found that 70% of web designers are just as excited about being web designers as they were a year ago.

There are a lot of advantages to becoming a web designer, both creatively and financially. Enhancing your web design skills is a must-do and offers plenty of benefits:

  • Expands your knowledge further as a designer
  • Gives you a better chance of winning more projects
  • Superior skill set to tackle more complex web design challenges
  • Access to career growth opportunities
  • Be part of elite UX designers who are changing the internet for the better

For UX certification specifically, web designers gain new skills and refresh existing ones. They’re able to transition into UX design more easily with accreditation and it shows prospective clients in the future of the web designer’s proactiveness for self-improvement.

With a business, having web designers with a UX certification helps ensure everyone’s speaking the same language. It also ensures the company is hiring the right talent and doing so efficiently.

5 tips for enhancing your web design skills with UX certification

UX certification helps to enhance your website design skills in many ways. Just like any skill, it’s important to practice and refine it over time. With that being said, here are some useful tips for enhancing your web design skills with a UX certification.

Learn more about UX research and planning tools.

With a UX certification, you’ve not only got an opportunity to validate your knowledge in the web design field but you’re also able to learn more about the UX design process. For example, what UX research and planning tools are most beneficial to use?

Image Source

It’s a critical part of the process of web design because these research and planning tools help to discover, define, design, develop and deliver the desired product.

Asking those key questions on what the client’s problem is and designing potential solutions to resolve those issues is all done through different tools.

Having a UX certification helps better define your knowledge of research and planning tools available.

Use UX certification to master design principles.

For those who may only just be getting started in the world of UX design and web design in particular, a UX certification helps master those key design principles. For those novices to web design, these key design principles include:

  • The purpose of the website
  • Simplicity and accessibility in navigation features
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Quality and versatility in content
  • Page loading time and other SEO-friendly design features

A UX certification isn’t just for beginners to UX either. These key design principles may yet be mastered by those who already have a number of years of experience in web design. There’s always room for improvement when building a skill.

Refresh any skills you’ve been neglecting.

As a web designer or for any role in general, there may be certain skills that are key to the development of your career. Some skills may be neglected, which is where UX certification helps to achieve.

A lot of web design requires creativity and imagination. Perhaps you’ve found recently that your creative output needs refreshing or updating.

Image Source

Technical and IT skills are both integral to web design and with the advancements of technology, some web designers may find themselves out of touch.

A certification helps refresh those skills that you’ve been neglecting and need to polish up for the benefit of your future web design projects.

Use certification to become a leader amongst web design peers.

With UX certification in place, it puts you on a higher pedestal than others within the industry. As a web designer, you’re able to exceed the talents of your peers and become a leader in web design.

Facing stiff competition is common for many job industries. This investment that you make into improving your skill set, is only going to improve all of the opportunities you get.

Not only that but it’s going to strengthen your chances of securing work over other peers within the industry.

Utilize this and more training materials to push and test boundaries as a designer.

Web designers need to be pushed and tested throughout the creation of their work. Getting a UX certification and making use of other learning materials to help strengthen your craft, is a must.

It’s this proactiveness that puts you further ahead of other web designers and what ultimately helps achieve mastery in web design.

Other ways to improve your web design skills

There are a variety of other improvements that could be made when it comes to your web design skills. Once you’ve acquired UX certification, we recommend doing the following to help further improve your skillset as a web designer.

Focus on improving responsiveness

According to research by GoodFirms, responsiveness for web design is crucial. They found that 73.1% of web designers believe a non-responsive design is a top reason why visitors leave a website.

Mobile responsive websites are a must-have in this modern day where mobile phones are becoming one of the most used devices for navigating the internet.

Take inspiration from around you

The world around you offers plenty of insight and inspiration into what customers need and want when stepping on their digital foot on a website.

As a web designer, it’s a good use of your time to look at what’s around you and what might translate well when designing new layouts and website features.

Follow what’s trending and hot right now

Even designers for websites need to be clued up with the latest trends, especially when it comes to what other businesses are offering through their websites.

The use of chatbots has grown, with many websites now featuring this functionality for their customers. Being aware of what’s popular and hot within web design is essential when growing your talents.

Ask for design feedback regularly

Feedback is highly important for designers to receive in order to improve upon their efforts. As a designer, it’s worth speaking to clients to gather any feedback - whether that’s good or bad.

Attain UX certification for your web design skills in 2023

With improvement upon your current skillset to mastering key design principles as a newcomer to design, attaining UX certification is helpful in many ways. For web design skills and the creation of web designs for 2023, make sure you acquire your UX certification soon.

Article by Pankaj Shah: DCP London Web Designers

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