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Bookkeeping for small business tutorial part 3 - open office calc spreadsheet - expenditure tracking



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In this final tutorial (I hope you made it this far) we will focus on creating an expenditure tracking spreadsheet. Wouldn't it be great if you could look at the spreadsheet and find out how much you have spent on fuel over a period of a month or year? Or how much you have spent on telephone bills or broadband costs?

This expenditure spreadsheet is a vital tool for your business; it allows you to see where your costs are even more importantly how you can start to save costs. For example, I could see I was overspending on broadband Internet access costs so I simply moved to a new broadband provider and saved over £180.00.

The same logic can be applied to many aspects of your business expenditure helping you to save costs and invest that saving into marketing your business. Lastly, this document will be essential for when you hand in your final end of year accounts, your accountant will be able to see a full overview of your expenditure for the past year and this document should also save you costs on your accounting fees as you would have provided your accountant with a document detailing your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly expenditure costs.

DCP wishes you luck with your business venture :) Feel free to comment below if you need help.

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Business bookkeeping video tutorial by: DCP Web Designers


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