Bookkeeping for small business tutorial part 1 - open office calc spreadsheets


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This is a free video tutorial for small business book keeping - part 1 - open office calc spreadsheets - invoice tracking.

Bookkeeping is an important aspect for any type of business. For large corporations they may employ many staff members just to keep track of their business books. For a small start-up business this is simply not an option. Many years ago I started my own business and through trial and error I found a perfect bookkeeping solution for myself. My goal was to keep the tasks simple and easy to understand so I was able to allocate this task the other members of staff. In this first tutorial will create a spreadsheet which will help us to understand how many invoices we have sent, who we have sent invoices to, what jobs were completed, when we sent invoices, how our customers have paid us, when customers have paid, the total amount for each invoice and finally and most importantly which customers have not paid us! Over a few months you will find that this tracking spreadsheet becomes very useful. At simple glance you'll be able to find out which customers you need to chase for payment. This document will also be very useful when you need to hand in your end of the accounts.

To complete tutorial you will need to download Open Office.

In the next tutorial will focus on designing a custom invoice template. This will be designed using open office Calc application.


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