2017 cheat sheet guide for business social media


There are so many different social media platforms which you can use to help promote your business. Understanding all of these different social network systems can be a daunting task. Creating visual artwork, knowing which sizes are correct for a different social networks and knowing when to post content for the best engagement can make a huge difference to your social media marketing strategy. If you're new to social media then your first goal is to get your preferred social media accounts set up for your business. Once you have done this then you can plan a strategy for when to post content to attract potential customers to your business website. Remember social media is not about a sales pitch, you should provide useful and informative content to your social media followers so you can generate high click through ratios (visitors to your website) and then you have the potential to promote your services alongside your amazing content!

At DCP we use a range of social media solutions to publish our blog and news content. We find posting a range of content on our blog produces better engagement. For examples we create a lot of video tutorials which we publish on YouTube. We can then create a dedicated blog post and embed video content alongside a good written description. Video content is a great way for you to showcase your knowledge and skills but it must be accompanied with good written content for search engines. Yes all of this content takes time and effort but if you are doing this and your competition is not then you have a leading-edge over them! Sometimes just a simple "good feel" message on Twitter can give you some great traction, something simple like the image below can help generate more followers. Making someone smile or feel good can brighten up their day and also give you a positive feeling too.

Life is good - Make the most of it! | #BeHappy #dcpweb | https://t.co/b58ksEdgvN pic.twitter.com/C0YUy57xD1


Why not take a look at the amazing infographic below created by On Blast Blog to see how you can improve your social media marketing today!

(Click to enlarge infographic)

2017 cheat sheet guide for business social media


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