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Decarbonisation Technology - Custom Website Design - 06

Decarbonisation contacted DCP Web Designers to create a custom-built CMS for their new Decarbonisation marketing business website

DCP was tasked with creating a full custom banner management system.

The banner stats are directly integrated into Google Analytics using event tracking and reports be sent to clients with accurate stats.

DCP also created a magazine module page.

The magazine page allows registered users to download a PDF version or view it online.

DCP coded the system so only registered users can access the magazines.

DCP create an articles section for the website.

Articles are broken down into two main types: General articles and white papers.

DCP was asked to create a custom white paper distribution system.

To view white papers users, need to log in.

The user is then asked a question for data capture before gaining access to a white paper.

News content is broken down into three main types: contracts, company news and new products.

The news content is directly connected to the sponsors listed on the website. 

Sponsors have a dedicated page that displays all related content in a single location.

Literature content is listed in three main sections: webinars, videos and general literature content.

The webinars section of the website uses Vimeo to host the video content, DCP configured Vimeo to only allow video embedding on the Decorbonation Technology website which stops other websites from embedding the same video content. The website also allows admin to embed YouTube videos.

Events are listed in a separate section of the website.

The events are listed in a module-based system that contains a master and detailed view.

DCP created a custom search and results page.

The search function lists results into categories with the ability for a user to view more items in a specific search type.

The Decorbonation Technology website admin can take full control over the website using a secure password protected control panel.






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