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Search Engine Optimisation

Achieve High Search Rakings For Competitive Keywords


Do you want to achieve a high search engine ranking for your business website? The goal of Website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is to gain a high ranking position in search engine results for competitive and niche keyword phrases. Search Engine Optimisation requires both on-site and off-site optimisation. On-site optimisation focuses on rich keyword content and coding structure of a website. Off-site optimisation focuses on link building and social network business marketing.


Search Engine Optimisation Special Offers

Search Engine Optimisation Solutions from ONLY £195+VAT

All Search Engine Optimisation Solutions Include


  • Search Engine Monthly Report
  • Website Optimisation Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • On-site Optimisation
  • SEO Friendly Written Content
  • Off-site Optimisation

DCP Search Engine Optimisation Overview

  • 1

    Identify a list of niche and competitive keywords

    The first goal of SEO is to generate a list of niche and competitive keywords. At DCP we will assist you in creating a list of keyword phrases which are used to optimise your website and create compelling written content.

  • 2

    Prioritise list of keywords

    The list of keyword phases created in Step 1 should be placed in priority order and ranked in terms of competiveness. This will allow you to understand which keyword phrases are long term goals and which are sort term goals. The competiveness of a keyword phase will determine the SEO duration required to achieve a page 1 search engine ranking.

  • 3

    Check website for current ranking of prioritised keywords

    Before starting an SEO process it is important to find out where your current rankings are for the chosen keyword phrases. Understanding your current keyword ranking can help when prioritising your keyword list.

  • 4

    Identify website search engine optimisation improvements and implement

    Before starting SEO off-site optimisation is it important to check if your current website is structured correctly for SEO. At DCP we will review your website for SEO best practices and suggest improvements if required.

  • 5

    Start rich keyword content writing (on-site optimisation) and link building (off-site optimisation)

    The goal of the above 4 steps is to ensure all information required for SEO is complied before starting any website optimisation, link building, social media posting and content writing. DCP will start the SEO process and send you a monthly report on the progress of each keyword phrase. We will assist in delivering optimised content writing, social media posting and external link building.


The above 5 steps form the basic processes required for Search Engine Optimisation. Our development team will assist you in the above steps throughout the Search Engine Optimisation process. The time required to rank your website high on search engines for specified keywords will depend on the competition for these keywords. There are many other factors which will affect your website ranking on popular search engines such as the age of your domain name, the structure of your website content, the priority of keyword phrases in your content, usages of "h" tags, meta data; these are just a few factors to consider.

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Frequency Asked Questions
What is Search Engine Optimisation?

A Search Engine Optimisation solution provides your business with a high position in search engine results for selected keyword phrases.

What do you need to provide for a Search Engine Optimisation solution?

In most cases we will need you to provide:

  • Your current website address if applicable
  • The type of products / services you provide
  • The location of you business
  • The location of your targeted customers

Our London SEO team will work with you to help define the above requirements if required.

What are the Key Benefits & Features of a Search Engine Optimisation solution?
  • Target specific consumer markets
  • Target visitors from geographical locations
  • Get your website ranking high on search engines
  • Long terms optimisation strategies
  • Rank high for competitive keyword phrases
  • Track your visitors with Google analytics
  • + much more
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