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Responsive Website Design

Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile Phone Website Solutions


Do you want a single website solution which can be displayed on multiple devices correctly such as desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets? Website traffic from mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones has dramatically increased over the past few years. Responsive website design is a modern technique used to  build a website solution which is mobile friendly and ensures your business website can be accessed at time and on any internet browsing device.


Mobile Friendly Responsive Website Design Offers

Mobile Friendly Web Design

All websites created by DCP are mobile friendly, this is also known as Responsive Website Design. We use a range of up-to-date technologies which will allow your website to automatically adapt to different browsing devices.

Responsive Website Design

We test all websites using Google Mobile Testing Tool. This tool is used to make sure all websites are fully mobile compatible. Mobile friendly websites now achieve higher rankings in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Super Fast Responsive Website Design

Super Fast Responsive Website Design

We fully test all websites using Google Page Speed Tool.

This tool allows us to optimise websites for speed so customers can view websites quickly and not wait for long loading times.

We host all websites on our UK based dedicated servers which use a super fast 1Gbit connection speed.


Web Development Technologies

At DCP we hand code all websites using the latest versions of Boot Strap, HTML5 and CCS3. Combining these technologies with DCP CMS system gives you a powerful website solution for your business which is flexible and simple to use.





Empowering You With Knowledge

We understand not everyone is tech savvy so we create website solutions which are easy to manage and maintain. We want you to have control over your website and be able to make updates whenever required using a few simple steps. At DCP we provide full training so you understand how to manage your website and keep it up to date.

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Frequency Asked Questions
What is responsive web design?

So you're thinking about building a new website for your business and you heard about responsive website design, but you're not sure what it means. Not to worry, in simple terms responsive web design is a technique used by web developers to make sure your website displays correctly on all Internet devices such as mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops. At DCP we used the latest coding techniques to ensure your website is compatible with all current web browsers and mobile devices. Our responsive web solution has been designed in-house over a period of many years, we have learned the best techniques and created a responsive website solution which gives you the ability to make updates to your web site yourself at any time. Our responsive web site solution is simple and easy-to-use and only requires a basic understanding of computer technology. Our project managers, graphic designers and web designers London based team will guide you through the processes required to deliver a web site which you can be proud of and enhance your business marketing strategies.

Do I need a custom website design?

What's the point of investing into your business and having a website which looks exactly the same as a competitor? At DCP we design all websites from a blank canvas to ensure your business has a unique presence on the Internet. We have a talented team of web designers who enjoy creating beautiful websites using the latest design trends and techniques.

Can I upgrade my website?

At DCP we provide flexible website solutions which can be upgraded at any time. We provide free consultation to all of our clients so we can fully understand your requirements and can then provide the most cost-effective and reliable solutions. At DCP we have a talented team of web developers and graphic designers who can create custom solutions to meet all your online business requirements. We also have a range of pre-built website upgrades such as image galleries, news management, testimonials management, navigation management and much more.

How do I update my website?

At DCP web like to give our customers a choice. You can purchase a web content management system which gives you the ability to make updates to your website yourself. At DCP we provide you with training videos unlike other website development companies who assume you already know how to use a content management system. Some of our clients are simply too busy to maintain their websites so we can also offer you a weekly or monthly update service. Please contact DCP Web Designers to discuss the best solution for your business.

Will my responsive website show correctly on mobile devices?

At DCP Web Designers we use the latest version of BootStrap which is a powerful HTML, CSS and Java Script framework. In basic terms BootStrap was created to ensure websites have the best possible compatibility with all the different web browsing devices such as Mobile Phones, Tablet Devices, Desktop Computers and Laptops. At DCP we are constantly upgrading our core technology platforms to make sure our website design solutions are not only visually superb but also technically up-to-date. All our mobile friendly website solutions are custom designed by our talented web designers and web developers.

What do you need to provide for a responsive web design solution?

In most cases we will need you to provide text information and images for your website. We can help source royalty free stock images and provide content writing services if required. We can work with existing branding if you are an established business or create a new logo and stationery if required. Our responsive website design London based team is here to help you so simply contact us today!

What is a domain name and website hosting?

A domain name is also known as a website URL. Domain name is used to uniquely identify your business. Domain names can be registered with various service providers and should cost no more than £25 per year. At DCP we recommend you register and .com domain names. Website hosting is a separate element and is used to store all the files for your website. The domain name and website hosting are directly connected. The website hosting will also provides you with business e-mail addresses.

How do I get access to my business emails?

All websites hosted on DCP web servers have 500MB disk space allocated for your business emails. Business email accounts can be accessed via a web browser using Webmail or via your chosen mail client such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Mac Mail. You can upgrade your email accounts with additional space if required at anytime.

How do I get help?

At DCP we offer free technical support to ensure you get the best out of your new business website. Our web design London team is here to give you free advice whenever required. We understand not everyone has technical knowledge so we created a range of support videos to help you understand how to complete different types of updates on your website. Our technical support videos are accessible free of charge and contain a wide range of updates which you can complete on your website. If you are still not sure then simply contact our responsive web design London based team for free teachnical support today.

What are the key benefits of a responsive website design?
  • Compatible with desktop, mobile and tablet devices
  • Promote your business 24 hours a day
  • Reduce your advertising costs
  • Convert website traffic into enquiries
  • Capture sales leads online
  • Update your website as often as you like*
  • Edit text information on your website pages*
  • Update images on your website pages*
  • Manage your own image galleries*
  • Manage your own video galleries*
  • Manage text formatting*
  • Manage website links*
  • Manage website navigation*
  • Add News items*
  • Add New Pages*
  • Add Maps and manage your contact information*
  • Add PDF files and other web resources*
  • Dedicated emails for your business
  • Track your visitors with Google analytics
  • Upgrade your website design solution at any time
  • + much more

* Requires optional website features.

What are the technical requirements for a CMS Responsive Web Design Solution?

A Responsive Website Design solution requires 5 key elements in order to function correctly as follows:

  • Website Domain Name – this is what visitor’s type into a web browser address bar to find your website e.g. Domain names require renewal once a year. We provide a hassle free domain registration service if required.
  • Website Hosting – this is the location where all your website content files are stored and displayed when visitors enter your domain name into a web browser address bar.
  • PHP 5 – hosting solution must support latest version of PHP5. PHP5 is a programming language designed for website development.
  • MySQL 5 – hosting solution must support latest version of  MySQL 5. MySQL 5 is a database server side application which stores information related to your website content.
  • Website Email Accounts – in most cases you will need suitable business email accounts, email accounts are normally provided as a part of your website hosting solution.

At DCP we provide a full turn-key website technical solution so you can focus on your daily business activities and leave the technical stuff to us. Simply contact DCP if you need help with web development,  domain name, website hosting or email accounts solutions for your business.

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